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  • Published May 15, 2009
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We all know that men LOVE fellatio (head), but most women don't like giving it.

So what are the reasons woman don't like giving a man oral sex?

1.) They feel degraded when doing it.

2.) They have a gagging reflex that they can't control

3.) Their lips get chapped

4.) They don't know if they should "spit" or "swallow"

5.) They don't know how to give great head.

Let's explore these a little more in detail, and discuss how they can be overcome.

1.) Why does a woman feel degraded when giving a man head? She doesn't like feeling as though she is "under control". When a man and a woman have intercourse, the actions are mutual and equal. When a woman goes down on a man, she may feel as though the equality has been taken from her. She may also feel hurt that her man may prefer the oral sex as opposed to traditional sex. While this can be true in certain cases (men preferring fellatio to sex), ladies, this is not an indication that he does not WANT your sex. Think about it this way- you want foreplay right? But it doesn't mean you always prefer to have foreplay only.

When a woman gives a man head, she should not feel as though her "equality" has been put in jeopardy, rather she should feel the control has been placed in her hands (so to speak.) A man is like puddy in your hands when he's given fellatio. Use this to your advantage.

2.) Okay, the gagging reflex I can't help you there. However, I can tell you that there are a lot of products out there that claim they can "stop" this from happening as frequently.

3.) Yes, my lips get chapped too. I can't stand it. Thank god for chapstick. It helps if you put just a little on before and remember to put it on after. If your lips get chapped often, you may want to check out some techniques that will help him to cum faster. There are certain tricks you can do that will have him finishing in no time. Quick head means moisturized lips.

4.) Spitting or swallowing. This is the question of the century. I don't know of any woman that actually enjoys swallowing. But think about it this way...if you just received the best cunnilingus (oral sex on a female) and as soon as you climaxed he jumped out of bed and raced to the toilet, what would that do to your mood?

An excellent way to avoid both spitting or swallowing, is by simply letting it leak out slowly as he's finished. Continue to give him kisses with your mouth, and every time you slide down (or up) open your mouth slightly so the a little bit of the cum comes out. This way, it is not invasive, nor is it a mood breaker. He'll be slowly coming down from his ecstasy, and you'll be removing the slime from your mouth.

5.) If you don't know how to give a blow job, then you need to learn. The only way to learn is by doing it. Practice makes perfect, so to speak. You'll eventually pick up little tricks that you know your man likes, (because you'll be able to read him). He'll love you for it, and you'll have him wrapped around your finger so hard it's not even funny.

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