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  • Author Francis K. Githinji
  • Published May 20, 2009
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The human heart is full of complex happenings that make not to be simple and clear, as depicted by our character to look the opposite of what we have in mind. Let face it, we might be living a lie. Imagine dating for the sole purpose of getting laid, to have man have sexual intercourse with you, or have a woman to share a few hours with as you discover what she hides behind that thin dinner dress, that is so tight as to make her show all her contours; the sexy high bosom, the round fundamentals that have shapely thighs teasing your manhood, and that smile that is putty and perfects the lips, which make you want to rush at her and surprise her with one of the French kisses you have ever had.

Many people feel this is way when they want to date yet they are not after long lasting relationships that the dating could occasion. It is in the character of a human to find that woman or man who has the composition that makes you want to have sexual favors with. We cannot avoid it. Sex and humans are like human beings and oxygen, separate them and there will be no life. When we lack it the society is in a bigger problem than the atomic bomb. The character of a human does not let him have peace until he has been able to get that woman he has been dating, in his bed. Getting laid is good, wholesome and refreshing.

There is nothing like it. Imagine what happens to a relationship between a man and woman and what makes things go awry. Money and material things can make you fight today, and forgive each other tomorrow, daily disagreements cannot occur, but communication quells that type of fire. Nevertheless start denying your partner the chance to have sex with you for two consecutive times, tomorrow he will get late at work, and the next, and soon, it will be a normal routine; he is always late to get home because of career issues, at least that's what he tells you. In reality, he has gone to that woman who gives into his sexual advances without demur, rising to the occasion just like him.

He might not touch you for a very long time, until you also realize what is happening. Single men and women are dating more and more together, all in the sole reason of having a quick one after the event. They can't avoid it. The body of a human has it that after puberty, the gonads mature and prepare themselves for sexual action. The modern world has people putting careers before their intimacy, and the resultant effect is these men and women are engaging in dating relationships only to have a fling after, because they cannot avoid it, their bodies cannot stay without sex.

Otherwise, the number of rape cases will increase, as the private parts of men and women were made to have a lustful union with each other. It's not bad to engage in dating for a lay, what is important is that you have both determined it and you are ok to try it.

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