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  • Published May 27, 2009
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For men there is only three types of birth control; condoms, withdrawal, and a vasectomy. Condoms is the most normally used. This is because for men they are more dependable when compared to withdrawal and less dreaded then a vasectomy.

But a vasectomy is not wholly out of the question for many men. More and more older men are pondering this method. Many have already had a couple children and they would love to enjoy their time with their wife and family without anymore more children. A vasectomy is a surgical operation that cuts away the vasa deferentia. Cutting this forbids the sperm from moving to the seminal stream.

A vasectomy is an easier and less costly type of birth control when you equate it to a hysterectomy in a woman. During the more simplest form of this process the surgeon will make two small slices at the scrotum - which will grant them to see the vas deferens. These are cut and covered with stitches.

The recovery time for this operation is usually two to five days though health experts are trying to find new ways of trimming this time. There is a form of no scalpel vasectomy during which a hemostat is utilized rather then a scalpel.

After the vasectomy has been performed the testes will be left in the scrotum where the Leydig cells will have the ability to still make testosterone and other of the essential hormones that a man needs. Yet, the sperm will not be able to leave the bodythrough the penis even though the testicles will proceed to make them. Rather the body will break them down and absorb them.

Numerous times this method of male birth control will only cost around $500 to $1,000 to complete. It can be complete within the doctor’s clinic and usually will only take a couple of days to mend. The doctor will set up a follow up appointment where they will test to see if the sperm is being held properly and all of the additional sperm has been removed from your body.

Before your follow up visit it is recommended that you abstain from sexual relations because of the sperm that may still be left through the man’s penis. If not you may find that you have a baby surprise. This operation is able to be lifted in distinct men.

Male Birth Control is something that exits - but in a very basic form. The most common Birth Control is for women.

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