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  • Published June 7, 2009
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Most young women suffer from low self esteem because they have been constantly teased about their small breast size or saggy breasts. There is a popular belief that men prefer women with huge and firm Tata’s (breasts), but sadly this is true for most men.

Women who are not well endowed in the chest area can do something about it; that is, if they want to because some women are perfectly happy with the size of their breasts.

Here are some ways to increase your breast size:

Increasing Breast Size Naturally

Breast lifting exercises – you can increase your breast size by engaging in breast lifting and firming exercise. Exercises like push-ups, dumb-bell press and dumb-bell fly can help you increase and firm-up your boobs by building the muscles in your chest area (known as pectoral muscles). There are exercise tapes that can provide you with adequate information as per how to achieve the best results.

Estrogen creams – if a woman’s body does not produce sufficient amount of estrogen (a female hormone) and her breasts are quite small, she can employ the use of estrogen cream in order to enlarge her breast size. But women who produce sufficient estrogen are not advised to use this method because estrogen will not enlarge a normal woman’s breasts; that is, women whose bodies produce sufficient amount of estrogen.

Fake it! – You can increase the appearance of your boobs by wearing bras with full padding or you can use silicon inserts, they will automatically make your breasts look bigger and they fit snugly in the bottom of your brassier. Do not worry, once you are fully dressed no one will notice them because they become undetectable.

Gain weight! – 85% of a woman’s breast is made up of fat; gaining weight is also one of the sure ways of increasing your breast size. Women who gain weight automatically notice an increase in the size of their breasts. Hey, lets be realistic for a moment; most women would NEVER put on a single pound, not if they can help it.

Breast enlargement pills – this is one of the most popular natural methods of increasing the female bust line. These pills will help you increase your boob size because they contain natural ingredients that stimulate breast growth. However, some of these pills can be hazardous to your health, be sure to ascertain the type of ingredients or herbs used in the production of these pills before you consider using them. Many breast enlargement pills are made from different herbs, be sure you are not allergic to one or more of these herbs.

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