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  • Published June 3, 2009
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The libido enhancer is the substance through which, the sexual thoughts and capacity can be increased. The libido enhancer includes local applications (such as gel, cream, lotion, oil and even spray) and internal medication (in the form of pills, capsules, powder, liquid and granules). The sole purpose of libido enhancer is to improve the sexual power in males and females who suffer from low sex interest or those who are unable to retain their interest in sexual activities.

The libido enhancer works in a particular fashion. Some work by increasing the concerned hormones (sex hormones) while others work by strengthening the concerned organs (such as penis, the male external genital organ). Whatever the way libido enhancer works, the general action is improving the blood circulation within the reproductive system and its organs, restore the sex hormones (or increase their production and secretion) and stimulating the brain center that controls the sexual thoughts.

The libido enhancers are of two types; internal libido enhancer and external libido enhancer. Internal libido enhancers are the medication that is to be taken internally. Pills, capsules, liquids, granules and powder (extracts) are available in the market and sold under the label of libido enhancer. These enhancers are generally made up of natural herbs that possess natural aphrodisiac properties. Some herbs are known for their stimulation action on sex hormones while others simply improve the sexual thoughts in the brain while improving the blood circulation within reproductive organs.

Many health care providers believe that along with libido enhancer drug/application, one has to follow healthy lifestyle that must include healthy diet and proper sleep. The body that is tension free and disease free enjoys more sex than the body that is affected by any mental or physical ailments. Some sexologists believe that the devices and toys can also be counted as libido enhancer since specially designed devices and toys help in improving the sexuality by one or the other way. For instance, the penis ring helps in retaining and maintaining the penis erection better than before and hence, can be considered as libido enhancer device! However, typically, libido enhancer is the internal medication that helps in improving the sexual thoughts, sexual power and overall sexuality in men and women.

There are plenty of libido enhancers present in the market. However, one has to consult the health care provider for the proper dosage and also to know about pros and cons. Generally, herbal libido enhancer is safe, even for a long duration. Herbs such as ashwagandha, Shilajit, mucuna, Butea, yashtimadhu etc are few of the herbs those have been used as libido enhancer since years, particularly in Southeast Asian countries. Most of the products sold under libido enhancer are composed of one or more above mentioned drug. The good part of libido enhancers is they are generally available without any doctor's prescription since they all are basically daily health supplement. Nevertheless, it is preferred that one has to follow the instruction given on the leaflet or should consult health care provider.

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