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Low sperm count is the production of low quality sperm that is unable to fertilise a female egg. "Oligospermia" is when sperm count is below its normal condition. However, this does not mean that a man who is suffering from low sperm count is incapable of having sex (most of them are known to have sex like rabbits!).

Low sperm count can affect its sufferers in the following ways:

• Infertility – men who have low sperm count cannot impregnate their wives or partners because low sperm count is the primary cause of infertility problems in men. Most men often discover that they have low sperm count after they have had unprotected sexual intercourse with their wives or partners for over a year in a bid to get pregnant and yet, no baby.

• Increase in stress levels – most men (especially African men) often feel very depressed as soon as they have been diagnosed with low sperm count. Learning that you are shooting "blank bullets" can be huge (and annoying) information for most men to take in. In most African countries, men who suffer from low sperm count suddenly feel that their manhood is under threat which in turn increases their stress levels (this is not good for their overall health).

• When a man is depressed because of his low sperm count status, it usually affects his mood (he sometimes becomes quite grouchy), thereby driving a wedge between him and his wife or partner.

Causes Of Low Sperm Count

There are many factors that affect a man’s sperm count; the following reasons are known to cause low sperm count in men.

• The Age factor – as most men grow older, the quality of their sperm begins to drop. Research has shown that older men usually suffer from low sperm count due to the aging process.

• The heat factor – when the testicles are exposed to too much heat, it can lead to low sperm count. Wearing tight underpants, bathing with very hot water, sitting-out in the hot-tub for quite an amount of time can all lead to low sperm count.

• The substance abuse factor – men who use cocaine and or marijuana often end up suffering from low sperm count. These substances inhibit the "swimming" abilities of the sperm.

• Smoking and drinking excessive alcohol factor - studies have shown that men who smoke usually experience low sex drive (libido) and produce low quality sperm. The excessive consumption of alcohol may relax your nerves but will affect the sperm count over a period of time.

• Genetic factor – it is sad but true; some men have inherited (through no fault of theirs) traits that affect their sperm count from their parents.

• The weight factor – being overweight (obese) has been linked with low sperm count in men because obesity has been known to cause testosterone imbalances in men which leads to low sperm count.

• Bicycling factor – research has shown that bicycling can cause infertility in men because the constant hitting of the scrotum against the bicycle seat can cause considerable damage to the blood vessels especially if the rider rides on rough terrains.

• Environmental factors – exposure to pollutants and toxic fumes in the environment can lead to low sperm count.

• Frequent ejaculation factor – okay lets face it, most men are guilty of masturbating; the sad truth is that constant masturbation can lead to low sperm count.

• The diet factor – eating foods that are over processed or foods that are lacking in essential vitamins can lead to low sperm count.

Low sperm count is mostly a temporary problem which can be solved by using prescribed medication, natural herbs or changing your diet.

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