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  • Author Francis K. Githinji
  • Published June 6, 2009
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The singles to many occur as people who are in need of friendship and romantic endeavors. Many people think that they have missed the essence of a relationship and the joys of a union between two humans. The fact is that there are many sides to the world of singles and the issue of sex. It is very hard to demarcate the issue of sex from the complexity of friendship and the beauty of love. They are either birds of the same feather, or the elements of the same dominion. You cannot in any way see friendship and dating and at the same time leave alone the angle of the singles issues and sex.

It is a part and parcel of the love triangle, where sex is seen by many as the best expression of love between two people or the sweetest element of love reached at the height of coital activity. When you forget the issue of love and dating as a single person, and fail to somehow intertwine it with sex, there will be something in the life of your relationship that will be left without being tended to. The world is a very intricate realm of sorts that makes a person who has not been in love for long to be dying for sexual activity.

This is contrary to what you would think of a person who has been barren in terms of love for long, that he or she has no need for sexual performance. It will be bad and harsh on the issue of singles to just think of them as animals that have been depreciated in terms of sex. It will be a grave mistake that will make you be underrating the interesting lives of singles. You will be making a mistake if you are approaching a single person for a relationship because you think that they have not been sexually tended to.

If there is a person who is sexual active in this world as we know it, the single man or woman is the one who make the best in this line. The prevalence of virgins in the world today is something that has been eroded considerably because the ones who are thought to be are arguably the most active. The singles are not what you might think they are, people who are after sexual favors at any possible chance. They are also not engaging in dating relationships for sex as the main drive, although it is not entirely out of the equation.

They are after all those things that come with love and dating relationships, from sexual pleasures to the wonderful joys of companionship. They are also not missing in the skills of sex performance, since even when you talk about abstaining they are also affected. You cannot argue with the fact that the world of sexual adventure has made many people to conjure many erotic thoughts about each other, and it is not that singles spend there time with these kinds of thoughts.

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