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Are you looking to increase the libido of your partner and are you thinking to get some prescribed medications to increase libido? Then please give some time to have a better thinking on it. Because, such prescribed drugs have more negative effects in comparison to their positive effects. They are also high on body and can create some serious issues in the body. So, it is good to have natural medications rather than prescribed ones. Some of the natural herbal treatments can be effective to increase the female libido without any kind of side effects. Below are the natural remedies that can increase the sex pleasure naturally and work on the physical state of the body making it more energized and active that can make the sex more joyful experience.

Here are the most popular herbs to increase the female libido:


This one for the sexual function was first investigated after an old man decided to take the gingko for improving the memory. But, rather than increasing his memory, gingko increased dramatically that it caught the researcher’s attention. And following research found that gingko has positive effects to increase the female libido.

There was a test conducted using gingko biloba on the 63 patients and almost 84% of the patients found with anti depressant related dysfunction. In this test, all the areas related to sexual libido saw improvement including sexual desire, orgasm and even excitement.


Arginine is also known as L-arginine and it is basically an amino acid.

It is one of the most famous supplements for sexual dysfunction and it for both women and men and is also known as natural Viagra.

Arginine is required in the body in order to produce the nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes the blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through the arteries and that also includes the sexual organs.

In a clinical research 77 women with fewer libidos were given either a medication with combine products or placebo. Women who were taking the arginine showed the much higher improvement rate such as increment in sexual desire by 75% in comparison to 45% of other women.

They also reported to have other improvements like they happier with the sex lives and they also improved the orgasm frequencies and also experienced better clitoral sensation.


DHEA is a hormone producer that produces the hormones naturally from the adrenal glands. This hormone is converted in both the bodies as female hormone estrogen and male hormone testosterone. With the increasing age, levels of DHEA decline naturally and that can lead to decrement in the libido. Because of this fact people with the old age have natural decline in the sex desire and several researches have already done to examine that whether the source of DHEA can improve the sex libido in these age group.

So far, these researches suggest that it can help to improve the sexual functions in both men and women. But, it is strongly recommended to have physician supervision while using DHEA. Always consult an experienced professional before using it and make sure that you take the proper dosage and you are in the good health.

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Hihassadera · 10 years ago
My method is using Sentia pills and keeping diets. After one month of taking Sentia pills I have much higher sex drive and achieve orgasms easier.

Sarrika · 10 years ago
I advise trying Sentia pills. It become possible for me to return to my sex life after three weeks of intake.

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