Erotic Stories can Stimulate the Brain: Erotic Stories, a Reiteration

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  • Author Gene Schwerman
  • Published December 7, 2009
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Erotic stories inflame the libido. We have made this point in these pages before. Erotic stories can send one of those major electrical signals coursing through the brain which can cause physical responses elsewhere in the body. To better understand this phenomena we need the kind of stimulation simulation depicted so well on House, the hit medical sitcom starring Hugh Laurie. Grey matter is sparked by a red Bzzzt onscreen, inside the artists representation of the brain, which travels in several paths simultaneously, one flaring Hugh Laurie's nostrils, another tenting his trousers, a third one causing a menacing burst of REM in his eyes and yet another one lambasting his libido, this last Bzzzt likely a shorter trip internal to the brain itself, but one of equal physical response, all derived from reading a quite possibly very short erotic passage from one of House's dime novels, mystery stories, or other erotic stories. All of these, if you know House, are quite obviously, among his favorite genres for recreational reading.

Yes, these eclectic electric responses could have been brought on by a segment from one of the soap operas House is hooked on. He might also have overheard Thirteen, his associate describing or simply alluding to a lesbian encounter she occasionally can't help but recall aloud during the show (presumably because it is in the script). Even a very few words may suffice as impetus for the kind of reaction described in Laurie as again the amazing brain is able to elaborate upon the subject at hand all by itself if simply given free reign to do so. Albeit, before you know it, you may find yourself giving it a hand.

When you consider the fact that thoughts alone, can produce these type of rather intense physical responses in individuals, responses Which can be felt hard and seen as well, which may have lasting effects causing return visits to the source of the stimulation, you can hardly help being amazed at the processor of these electro-chemical stimuli, the brain itself. Try to resist making sexual associations when encountering appropriate random stimulus. Often you will discover, the easier it should be to ignore the stimulus, the harder it gets.

"One almost unknown writer of both fiction and non-fiction erotic stories from the past had penned such an elaborate description of a sexual assault on a young female member of a Catholic cloister order of nuns, that numerous monks within the order, having read the description, in spite of strict orders not to, were said to drift uncontrollably into Impromptu Gregorian chants at all hours of the day and night." A kind of Déjà vu, perhaps? While the story was set in the 16th century, as written, it was supposedly based on 19th century facts." It was widely assumed that these monks had derived this strange generally unenchanting habit of impromptu chanting from preceding the actual attacker into the young nun's habit. None of these accusations have been proven to date and it is still considered pure speculation that these particular monks left the order in order to create the rock group Déjà vu which would have had to be a full century later anyhow."

For our purposes here, suffice it to say the human brain is still an amazing and unprecedented processor of information dwarfing the personal computer, the iPod, twitter, and even television, Yea even CNN as an information processor. The human brain is such a powerful device as to, in and of itself, prove there is no need for the much debated separate smaller brain, often suggested, in any of our appendages, notwithstanding the fact that certain oversized under brained dinosaurs may have employed a second brain at a much earlier time in man's evolutionary process in order to wag their own tails.

Finally, let's not underestimate the power of suggestion found in the erotic story or the subtle sexual observation. Bzzzt, there it goes again. House just happened to glance at Thirteen as she was exchanging meaningful eye contact with Foreman. He knew immediately the exchange was sexual. His mind took the ball, which apparently had been put into play earlier that morning, and ran with it. House's nostrils flare. He goes into intense REM. No matter the coat rack is full, Taub will now have somewhere to hang his lab coat, and we are guessing it may not even drag the floor! House drifts into a 15 second reverie involving himself, Foreman and Thirteen during which he realizes this week's prime patient is temporarily blind because he has had complications from herpes and needs brain surgery.

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