Trucking Jobs And The Rise Of Female Drivers


  • Author Peder Fortuna
  • Published July 27, 2011
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Traditional views of the trucking industry are changing and changing for the better. While a predominately male oriented profession, the opportunities for women to get very good truck driving jobs are increasing exponentially and for some very good reasons.

Insurance companies statistically prove that women who are driving a truck, whether short haul or cross country, have a much better driving record than their male counterparts. Women are more attentive, more aware of traffic around them and of the road conditions which makes them a much more lucrative employee for trucking companies. This means companies are looking for women to fill truck driving jobs and are willing to pay top dollar as well.

Because of the lucrative nature of trucking, more women are considering becoming truck drivers. With an average yearly salary of over $50,000 truck drivers are well paid for their effort. While over the road drivers who go cross country have fewer opportunities to spend time at home as they may be on the road six days in a row, having a good salary and benefits can be more than adequate compensation. Being able to make good money doesn’t just get the bills paid, it puts money back into the economy, which creates more jobs. And for those who don’t have a family yet, truck driving jobs are an excellent way to build up a very tidy nest egg.

An added benefit for trucking companies is the fact that females who are looking for driver jobs on the whole enjoy travelling more than their male counterparts as well. This means they’ll be more willing to run long loads so they can see more places. Another aspect that women bring to the cab of the truck is the fact that they understand the need for accurate record keeping. Not only does this make it easier for the company to make sure they’re paying the driver correctly but it reduces difficulties and confusion if those records get audited.

Female drivers are a definite boon for the industry and with plenty of trucking jobs available, being able to fill those jobs with women is a great way to drop the unemployment rate and put more dollars into the economy. There is no glass ceiling in the trucking industry as driving skills speak for themselves so there is no disadvantage as to gender. The old stereotypical view of the trucking industry has definitely changed and if you’re looking for a job or a new career, take a look at all the trucking jobs available now. You’ll be amazed at how it’ll change your life.

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