Understanding Menopause

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  • Published January 26, 2012
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Why Understanding Menopause is Important

Your body goes through many changes throughout your life and by understanding menopause you will be ahead of the game for this major change. Menopause is the time when the female body will shut down the reproductive system. This is very normal and most women experience this change between the ages of 45 and 55, however, it can happen sooner and later in some women.

This change simply marks the end of fertility for a woman and is defined by a woman missing 12 menstrual periods in a year. This is usually caused naturally when the body ages, but it can also start sooner due to a medical procedure or something else causing early menopause. Understanding menopause will help make this change much easier for you mentally and physically.

By understanding menopause you can put together a plan to keep the symptoms to a minimum while allowing your body to change naturally. There are many things you can do to combat the symptoms and keep them from taking over your life. It all starts with understanding menopause and gaining the knowledge necessary to get through this change.

Understanding Menopause and What to Expect

Early menopause can be very confusing for a woman because it may start before you are really to the age where you expect to start going through menopause. If you know when other females within your family have reached this point you can expect to start early menopause at a similar time as they did. This will give you an idea of what to expect and when you should expect it.

Your doctor may also be able to tell you when to expect early menopause to start if you have a specific medical issue or undergo a surgery like a hysterectomy. The key to being prepared for this change in your life is to recognize when the change is starting. If you know when early menopause starts you can prepare for menopause.

Part of understanding menopause is knowing the symptoms that come along with it. It is more than just hot flashes and night sweats. You can expect to go through mood swings, depression, sleepless nights, dryness of the vagina, increased stress levels, hair growth or loss, loss of libido, and even a few other minor symptoms. Preparing for the major symptoms will help you to make this change much easier.

The final thing you really need to understand about menopause is the post menopause stage. This is when you get your last period or when the ovaries become inactive. Throughout actual menopause you may experience very irregular periods, but once you have reached post menopause this will all be over with.

Understanding Menopause and Having a Plan

If you have not reached the first stage of menopause yet, but you want to be prepared you are doing the right thing. By understanding menopause before it starts you can make the adjustments to your diet, exercise, and other parts of your life to help keep the symptoms to a minimum. This will give you time to put together a plan for when menopause does start.

Now is the time to gain knowledge of the natural herbal remedies for some of the symptoms of menopause along with the other things you can do to keep the symptoms from taking over your life. If you have a plan before you start menopause you will be better off and the confidence alone will help you get through this major change.

Start by researching menopause in general and finding out what has worked for other women. Not everything will work for every woman, but there are things that will work for you. Make sure you take the time to put together your plan, so that you are ready. Understanding menopause is a great place to start and your plan will help make menopause much easier on your body and your mind.

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