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Air traffic controller jobs require the very most training and skills; after-all you are responsible for 1000s of people's lives within a one Eight hour shift. The job of a controller can be hard, nerve-racking, fulfilling and high paying. For more information concerning how to become an air traffic controller, controller salaries, and much more just continue reading on.

To begin with there are three paths anybody can travel within their quest to become an air traffic controller. The 1st route addresses individuals who have previous air traffic control experience. These folks will often have a military background and have worked in the armed forces as controller. If you do not fall into this group perhaps you are just a day to day individual seeking to become a controller, if perhaps this is the situation you have 2 alternatives; attend air traffic controller university, or apply for the position of an air traffic controller. Both of these 2 solutions may be followed for those of us without prior experience. Air traffic controller school will educate you on the fundamental principles of air traffic control and will offer you a leg up on individuals who do not attend.

Lots of people are enticed into air traffic control because it on a regular basis makes the list of highest paying careers that do not call for a college diploma. However, don't let that trick you into believing that this is an easy occupation to pursue; because that could not be more wrong. Controllers are very skilled individuals who function under a good deal of pressure and as a result are paid very well. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2008 a controller received an average air traffic controller salary of roughly $112,000. Not only do controllers generate a great wage, but the position is in high demand and will continue to be for many years to come. Jobs are expected to increase 13% between the yrs of 2008-2018, which is higher than the average for all jobs across the United States.

If you're interested in much more information about air traffic control it can be found in plenty of places including the world wide web, and text books. In addition to the above mentioned you might also be interested in checking out some air traffic control games, which mimic the task of being an air traffic controller. These games are available on the web and will provide you with an idea of what controllers take care of on a day to day basis at their jobs.

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