Knowing How To Replace The Fuel Filter On Your Pickup Truck

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  • Published August 10, 2012
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Knowing how to replace the fuel filter on your pickup truck is absolutely crucial in order to maintain the health and reliability of your vehicle. Though it is essential to have a filter attached to the vehicle, in order to prevent dirt, corrosion and water build-up, it is also important that you do not let the filter get blocked or clogged with pollutants. If this happens, there is the danger of not enough fuel reaching the truck's engine.

If this should happen for any reason, the vehicle will have difficulty running. In some cases it may stop working completely. For this not to happen, knowing how to replace the device is strongly suggested. Make sure that the engine gets the clean, unpolluted petrol its needs. You must first concentrate on parking the car on level ground and in a relatively quiet place. Once this is done, you will be required to relieve the petrol system pressure of the vehicle. If you are not aware of how to do this for the specific model, finding out is simple. Just detach the fuel panel which will be located beneath the dashboard.

Once this has been done, it is necessary to turn the engine on and keep it running in neutral until it starts to stop from a lack of petrol. This is evident and you will notice the engine's change of pace almost immediately. When you notice this, get hold of the battery and use a wrench to pull out the black negative wire. Once this is done, in order to relieve the fuel pressure you must unscrew the fuel cap from the tank. After doing this, you will be ready to move on effectively and safely.

After this has been done, it is time to identify the device in question. It will most often be located near the fuel tank, mounted on the left or right hand side of the frame rail. To operate efficiently, make sure you have enough room to fit adequately under the vehicle and manoeuvre as you see fit. If you cannot do so, use a jack or similar device to get it up as much as possible. This will give it the support that is needed.

Concentrate on disconnecting the fuel line from the filter, once you know you have identified it. The connection is held together by connect fittings and a plastic lock. For the disconnection to be possible, you may just need a screwdriver or similar tool to disengage the lock before simply pulling it out with the fingers. Certain models will require you to use a special tool for this purpose, which should be available at most auto parts suppliers and garages for a small price. This process might get a little messy on account of the petrol and the dirt, so carry a rag or a towel to deal with spillages and leaks.

Once you have disconnected the petrol line successfully, you will need to think about how to remove the filtering device itself. It will be held in place with the use of a clamp bolt which should be secured onto the vehicle tightly. By using a wrench, you need to attempt to remove the clamp bolt while you are holding the filtering device firmly with the other hand. Once you have detached it, remove the entire device from area of the lorry.

Attach your new device in the old one's place the same way as you removed the old one. Make absolutely certain that you position it in the correct way, so that the petrol flow points are pointed in the direction of the vehicle's engine. Once you are sure of this, you must use the wrench to fasten the fuel nut and clamp bolt securely, making sure no movement is possible. Re-install the fuel pump, reconnect the quick fittings and the black negative cable before starting the engine again and letting it run.

Before you replace the fuel filter on your pickup truck, you should ensure that the filtering replacement is exactly the right match for your vehicle's make and model. Make sure of this before reinstalling the device. If you would like to be completely certain that you have the correct type of replacement, you might want to take the old filter with you before making a purchase in order to compare the two. It is crucial that you continue to carry out this process of replacement at least once a year in order to ensure your truck's engine runs and operates to its maximum. Make sure that throughout the procedure you stay safe, by keeping a distance from sparks and flames. is a great source for F150 parts and accessories.

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