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  • Published January 28, 2013
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There is no doubt that everyone more or less has some private files in his or her computer and these files range from a business contract to a family photo. What’s more, it is urgent to take some measures to protect files or folders in your computer. Some people may have the knowledge that the Microsoft Windows operation has the function to ensure data security and folder security while this feature is very limited and not strong enough for people with high requirement.

The development in the computer world offers people the opportunity to enjoy the convenience of computer, saying the release of windows 8 system and the concept of clouding storage, at the same time it also give chance to those hovering cyber criminals in the Internet world. The most secure way to protect your confidential data is to employ the password protection method which a third-party software can realize it excellently.

Advanced Folder Encryption does a perfect job in file encryption and folder encryption which can protect your data in the computer with different security levels according to different requirement. It doesn't matter what sort of data you want to lock. Whether it is private photos, videos, documents or any other type of data, folders or even the whole local drive disk, Advanced Folder Encryption offers the solution that you need to get the job done with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can protect as many files and folders as you like without any bothersome restrictions or complications. It is much easier, more versatile and more powerful than the solutions natively offered by Windows. Using Advanced Folder Encryption, you will be able to encrypt folders as well as password protect them so that no one other than yourself will be able to access them, let alone copy or delete them, regardless of whether or not protected files are set to be displayed in the original directory.

Apart from password protect folders in hatchling computer you may need to shred unwanted files for good from your PC, Advanced Folder Encryption has this feature and helps you free from the annoying of losing data from deleted files.

Protection sensitive data in your computer has long being a battle between data owner and data thief, who will be ultimately prevailed depends on the efforts of the data owner, so that get a reliable software to safeguard files and folders is necessary. There's no limit in how many folders and files you can protect and you can even protect each folder or file separately with its own protection mode and password. With Advanced Folder Protection you can totally feel at ease and never worry about data leaking and data breach from on purposed bad guy or accidental operation of your PC.

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