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  • Published December 19, 2020
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It's good to make money smartly but be careful you don't fall into the hands of the scammers. From Online Money Making platform here in Quora I have suffered loss of some cash.


I saw here a post that I could make up to $2,000 in 48hours with just $100. It was a lady with the name Vicky…. I contacted her on WhatsApp as she said. She referred me to another person who I was told was in charge. What was the business? It was crypto trading according to them. I first fell into a scammer in a bid to get my bitcoin wallet funded using one crypto market. The guy collected cash and refused to credit my bitcoin wallet. I had to pay another person to get it funded.

I asked the guy what and what I would need, he only said I should fund my wallet. Latter, he told me I should send the bitcoin to him which I did. After 48 hours he sent me a slip that my account was already credited with $1,200 but I would have to pay another $150 to access it which according to him was the US tax charged on my account. Attached is the slip.


Ask for voice call to authenticate if the guy is not your neighbor telling you he is in other country. Don't be deceived by the phone codes

Further request for video call, see his face. They do use different pix on their dp. They might lie to you that network problem.

When they start calling you every minute, be warry.

Ask them to give you the procedure from beginning to the ending, they wouldn't.

In short, many scammers looking for who to devour are many online. Take extra care and do your due diligence. The bait of quick and big return is the language of the scammers. Take extra care!

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