Fraud By Wire - Caterina Berbenni-Rehm / PROMIS@Service Sarl


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  • Published August 19, 2015
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On 7/3/2015, our company wired to the escrow of PROMIS@Service Sarl $250,000 for her dutiful obligation as "escrow agent". In conjunction with the receipt of escrow, RSA Funding, LLC was to receive a loan from the Balimo Investments AG group out of Zurich, Switzerland. On this same day, our company entered into a tri-party "Escrow Agreement" between PROMIS@Service Sarl (Escrow Agent), Balimo Investments AG (Lender) and RSA Funding, LLC (Borrower). This "Escrow Agreement" is attached in the email. The "Escrow Agreement" clearly states and defines the responsibilities of all three parties, notably PROMIS@Service Sarl to maintain in its possession the escrow funds until one of two events: (1) Failure of the Lender (Balimo Investments AG) to make the loan which this default occurred. And, (2) The Lender completes loan to Borrower (RSA Funding, LLC) in which case the escrow was to be returned to Borrower (RSA Funding, LLC) not later than 72 hours after the Lender funded the Loan. This again did not take place putting Lender, Balimo Investments AG in default once again.

On 7/8/2015 we were advised that by the Lender (Balimo Investments AG) that the escrow had been received by the "Escrow Agent" (PROMIS@Service Sarl). Mr Asbjorn Gosta of Balimo Investments AG informed us that the loan would be funded by 7/10/2015 but in no event later than 5-7 business days.

From 7/8/2015 to 7/20/2015, both parties (Lender & Escrow Agent) went silent and did not communicate with our company.

RSA Funding, LLC (borrower) then made demand on Balimo Investments AG (Lender) to honor its original "good faith" agreement and fund the loan.

On 8/3/2015, RSA Funding, LLC (Borrower) sent email to all parties demanding the immediate funding of the loan or the return of its escrow deposit from PROMIS@Serivce Sarl. RSA Funding, LLC received no response to our demands.

On 8/7/2015, RSA Funding LLC (Borrower) began conversation with PROMIS@Service Sarl for the return of its escrow deposit. At this point, PROMIS@Serivce Sarl acknowledged receiving funds from RSA Funding, LLC but claimed that it was not an "Escrow Agent". RSA Funding vigorously questioned the CEO of PROMIS@Service Sarl, Dr. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm regarding its funds held by PROMIS@Service Sarl. Finally, on 8/11/2015, RSA Funding, LLC received a disturbing email from Dr. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm (Escrow Agent) stating that she did indeed receive our escrow deposit but promptly spent our funds on for the benefit of her company without the permission on RSA Funding, LLC.

We were then introduced to a Mr Ibrahim Ahmed, who is supposedly Mr Rehm's representative. He attempted to take the blame for the unfortunate circumstances; however, we quickly reminded Mr Ahmed that he was not the one who took the funds; it was his client, Ms Rehm. While we thought it admirable that Mr Ahmed took this stance to protect Ms Rehm's reputation, we advised him that the only way to help Ms Rehm's reputation was to refund the escrow funds immediately. This was several days ago and we haven't heard back from Mr Ahmed.

We’ve demanded every day since 8/3/2105 the return of our "escrow funds" with NO response from either PROMIS@Service Sarl (Escrow Agent) or Balimo Investments AG (Lender). To reiterate, we strongly feel that we are the victims of wire fraud, predatory lending, extortion and racketeering by PROMIS@Service Sarl and Balimo Investments AG. Further, we have reported this theft to the U.S. FBI, Swiss Fedpol and Luxembourg Police Authority.

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Caterina Berbenni-Rehm
Caterina Berbenni-Rehm · 8 years ago
We had never heard of Mr. Maxwell’s RSA Delaware, Mr. Gosta or a Balimo company before being attacked through the falsification of my signature as CEO and the misuse of our company’s name as an "escrow" company. Mr. Maxwell signed a falsified contract without prior control of the parties involved and without checking the authenticity of such contract. The fact that a similar case occurred to Mr. Maxwell already in 2010, (alleging scam in $2 Billion Loan, raises the strong impression that Mr. Maxwell seems to be familiar with such actions of attempted extortion. The matter is being pursued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Caterina Berbenni-Rehm CEO of PROMIS@Service Sarl