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  • Published November 2, 2015
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Has one of your friends suggested using menstrual cups during periods and are you planning to give it a try? Is the idea of using such menstrual cup worrying you? It is natural to be nervous when trying something new. There are a few tips that would help you try out these cups without any problems and knowing the tips will also make your task simple.

Below are the important tips you should consider to ensure that you have a good experience using the coupe menstruelle:

There are many brands of cup menstruelle available in the market. Every woman does not have same body structure and so it is not necessary that they will need menstrual cups of same brand. In case one brand cups do not work for you, trying out another brand might be a good option. Try particular cup and then judge it accordingly.

Depending on cervix height, you cans elect cup related to particular brand. For woman with high cervix, it is advisable to buy longer menstrual cup. For low cervix, short cup can be selected. For woman with average cervix, almost each and every type of cup is suitable.

In order to get use to coupe menstruelle you may need some time. Just like the way you needed time when you used your first tampon. It definitely must have taken some time and practice for most of the women before using it the second time. Do not easily give up with menstrual cups.

The coupe menstruelle France come with stem for simple removal and most vital thing at the time you first use the cup is to trim the stem until you cannot feel it and are completely comfortable. You should not feel the stem rubbing or poking you in any way. In case you can, you should trim it further. Keep trying and trimming until you feel comfortable. Wear such cup lower to your vagina, unlike tampons.

In public toilet using such coupe menstruelle can be challenging task. It can be continuously used for around ten hours and this can minimize chances of using cup menstruelle in toilet.

In case if you want to use your cup instantly after emptying it then in such urgent situation you can easily use it without washing. Wipe it properly using toilet paper. Once you return home then wash it thoroughly. It is suggested to clean hands properly before and after using such cups.

Carry water bottle or fragrance free paper with you if required. During emergency situation you can consider using toilet paper.

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