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Are you looking to save money on an engine run stand? A Custom Series engine run stand is right for you. Our Custom Series engine run stands are one of a kind and affordable. They are a low cost solution to get your hands on an engine test stand, and looks amazing. You’ll be the envy of all your car friends when you show off your engine roaring on a Custom Series engine run stand.

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from using a Custom Series engine test stand.

Save Money by Only Adding Components You Need

A key reason many satisfied customers have told us before about why they choose a Custom Series model over our Professional Series is because they don’t need all the features. Our Custom Series models are customizable test stands. We provide the base unit, and you decide what options to add to it. You are in full control of what features are on your engine test stand.

It allows you to save money on things you don’t need if you have them already. It’s why our Custom Series Model is so affordable yet so productive.

You’ll be proud of yourself once you assemble it and get your engine mounted on it for the first time, knowing that you’ve assembled something awesome for the best price out there.

Note - We do have an Easy-Run Kit you can add separately to your order if you would like to use the components included. This includes a fuel tank, battery tray, electrical wiring with instructions, cooling system and mounting tray.

Need Space? Disassemble and Reassemble with Ease

One thing you don’t have to ever worry about a Custom Series engine test stand is it taking up excessive space in your garage when you aren’t using it. They are easily collapsible and can be stored away in its original packaging until the next time you need to use it. Disassembly doesn’t require you to use many tools, which wouldn’t matter much for someone who works on their car themselves, but it does make it less time consuming to disassemble and reassemble each time you take it out.

Want Safety? You Got It

You know you are in control of your project with the simple Dash Panel that makes it easy to test and diagnose problems. It’s fully transformable, making it easy to see and pinpoint any issues with your engine. The Custom Series model is engineered with caution in mind, keeping the fuel tank in front and away from the battery and exhaust to keep you safe. Many of the components we supply are silver plated and the side rails of the engine test stand are coated in powder to ensure longevity and stay shiny for years to come.

It Beats Out the Entire Competition

Our engine run stands are not surpassed by any other company. Our line of models are the most affordable engine run stands available worldwide. Every one of our engine test stands are specially made to be universal and compatible with any engine design, from GM to Ford, Mopar and even Imports.

Easy-Run builds each test stand in the U.S.A. and supplies them all across the 48 continental US States. Let’s not forget that each Custom Series model has Free Shipping, that’s savings of $165+ varying by which shipping zone you live in.

When you take a look at all these benefits of a Custom Series engine run stand, there’s no reason not to take a closer look at it. For more information on our Custom Series models, take a look at our catalog. Have questions? We have one, if not the best technical support out there for test stand assembly and engine tuning. Get the answers you need by calling us today or contacting us online.

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