Benefits of Leasing a Van or Truck for Your Small Business

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  • Published January 3, 2020
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For any small business owner, a van or truck is an important investment. But, with so many sellers vying for attention, searching for a commercial vehicle to purchase might be tricky. Moreover, there are so many different models to choose from and payment plans to approve. This is one of the reasons why a lot of small businesses opt for leasing a truck or van instead of purchasing. If you are facing a similar dilemma, keep reading to know some of the advantages of van and truck rental in Worksop.

Zero vehicle ownership responsibilities

When you purchase a commercial vehicle and assume ownership, it means that you have to take care of it for a very long time. Taking care of a vehicle means paying for its regular maintenance and repair. For a small business, this will be viewed as an added expense and you might not have the funds for it. Renting a van or truck, on the other hand, frees you of such responsibilities. You will only make use of the vehicle for the period that you need it and return it to the rental provider. The repairs and maintenance of the vehicle will be looked after by the rental service provider.

No need to secure a loan to rent a vehicle

Small businesses function on a budget and this means that you have to be very careful when it comes to fund allocation. As such, you might not have the required amount to purchase a van or a truck. In such a case, you only have two options:

 Purchase any inferior model of truck or van that fits your budget

 Apply for a loan

Now, both of these options are not very favourable to you or your business. If you simply hire a truck or van for your business, you do not have to take the headache of paying back a loan. You will only pay the rental company a fixed amount for your use of the vehicle.

Opportunity to drive the latest models of your chosen vehicle

Providers of van and truck rental in Worksop carry a huge fleet of commercial vehicles. The vehicles are sourced from some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Also, they regularly update their fleet to include the latest models in the market. This means that you can drive the very best and advanced truck or van at a reasonable rental price. Also, you can keep renting different vehicles that suit the purpose of your business. There might be some days when you need a small van and some days when you need a large truck for the transportation of goods. Regardless of what size vehicle you need, the rental service providers will always have the right solution for you.

Leasing offers tax advantages

Tax advantages are one of the biggest reasons why small business owners opt for renting a van or truck. If you run a registered business, you can claim the rent that you have paid for the vehicle. Simply put, your rental payments are a tax-deductible expense.

Around-the-clock roadside assistance

When you purchase and drive a van, you are basically on your own. If you are driving from one place to another at night, you cannot turn to anyone if the vehicle happens to break down. But, when you rent a vehicle, you also get to leverage the rental provider’s professional services, which includes roadside assistance. You can call the professionals when you face any issue on your journey and they will make sure to fix your problem so that you can be out on the road.

So, these are a few of the advantages that you can enjoy by leasing a truck or van for your small business. You can contact a professional rental company for more details.

T G Commercials Self Drive offers a wide selection of self-drive commercial vehicles for rent. Their services of van and truck rental in Worksop is affordable and personalised to suit individualised needs. They also provide speciality vehicles for hire like, low loader trailers and hiabs. All of their commercial vehicles are LEZ compliant and VOSA approved.

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Greeney · 4 years ago
Lease is good for short term use! It will surely save you from headaches of maintaining and dealing with failure. Still, a matter of how long you need the vehicles and your capability/budget of maintaining them, having an owned one is way more better as asset. We actually scored a for lease truck sold at low price. It got a couple of dents and minor issues that we easily fixed, plus getting a better parts from 4WheelOnline, now we got an almost new truck.