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  • Published February 24, 2020
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Overspray usually results when painting projects are being held in any industrial area. It can be a painting of buildings, bridges, vehicles, and anything in between. Apart from paint overspray, overspray also includes the tar from the road, the dirt, and everything that comes with it. The real problem when it comes to overspray is that it prevents the sealants and waxes from penetrating the top coat of a car because of the layer of grime in between. This results in an unpleasant looking finish, which we are sure nobody wants. This also means that the vehicle’s surface will have less protection from the elements like sun, rain, dust, and so. So in order to summarize it, we can say that having any kind of overspray on your vehicle is a bad sign. It means whatever you do with the detailing on the car, this overspray will prove to be a hindrance in every step of the way.

In most cases, you cannot even see the overspray through the naked eye. So if you want to observe the chances of having any kind of overspray on the surface of your car, slide your hand across the surface of the car in multiple sections, and multiple directions. If you feel like any rough areas scratching your hand, it is best if you seek for professionals who perform the task of overspray removal.

Seek the help of a professional for the task of overspray removal

What happens during the procedure is that, the technicians wash the car’s exterior thoroughly. They then assess the surface of the car in detail and judge the surface. They do so in order to understand which areas of the car can be completely cleaned and which areas cannot be. The details of the assessment are shared with the client in order to make sure they have no complaints after the finishing and they are completely satisfied with the technician’s work. It helps in predicting the possible end result of the detailing. Then the overspray removal technician walks the client through the process of how the detailing job will be done, what equipment will be used, and which products will be used on their vehicle. This is to make sure that the client is completely satisfied. Then, the technicians begin the process of overspray removal of the car in the presence of their client. The job is usually done in the span of the day so that the client won’t have to pay much for travel from here and there.

Industrial overspray removal from car paint

Either it is the overspray removal job from one car or from a thousand cars. Industrial level overspray removal includes the same efficiency on the part of technicians. The only difference is that the time period required to do the job is elongated. The reason for that is the detailed assessment of each and every vehicle, along with the assessment of what is the preferred procedure to remove overspray by the professional-client takes time. So in order to get the same high-efficiency result in professional overspray removal, contact Just Like New Overspray Removal Inc.

Just Like New Overspray Removal Inc.

When it comes to professional and industrial overspray removal, we can assure you that Just Like New knows best about overspray removal and the safest procedures to take when it comes to mass overspray removal services. Apart from cars, Just Like New also removes overspray from SUVs, boats, buildings, and even airplanes. The technicians are highly trained individuals that use the latest techniques, equipment, and products to ensure that the best results are achieved.

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