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  • Published October 4, 2020
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Rv cleaning is one of the last jobs on my to-do list. Even so, having said that, overlooking this job can be a costly decision. We clean our costly cars. They are all overpriced nowadays. But often we simply cannot make ourselves start with the cleanup process that is so valuable on our expensive motor home or travel trailer. We see the job as overwhelming.

Here is a thought, break up the cleaning course of action just a little. There is nothing at all that states you need to clean it all in merely one day. Start off using a good rinse up outside. If needed, wax the camper another time. Afterward, you are left completing the inside clean up. Usually, a couple of hours will take care of every little thing that is essential there. It is possible to do that when you possess spots of time to do whatever is required on the inside.

Now, let’s get to work on the outside. First, having all of the products and cleaning equipment, already arranged, could be helpful. Walking back and forth looking for cleaning items is frustrating. One thing, one can get to help in doing so is a bucket taxis. You might also simply use a 4 wheel carrier or a wagon. Wash down the exterior, starting with the top, using a high-pressure hose to eliminate any hefty dirt or dust.

Next, follow with a large bucket of water with mild cleaning soap, employing a soft brush to remove the remaining dirt. Using an extension arm with the brush could move along the cleaning procedure. Climbing up and straight down a ladder is not the way to head here.

You are much less likely to have an incident in this course of action by using the extension pole for cleaning the sides. For the difficult places to get to, use the hand glove rag. A shammy towel can be an excellent alternative for drying the camper. As for the tires, there are many products for wheel and tire cleaning.

Be mindful that some tire manufacturers will not warrant most sidewall damage. They deem the sidewall breakdown to be a non-warranty item simply because some cleaning products may result in the sidewalls to crack. I perceive this from personal experience. These folks indicate soap and h2o for cleansing.

We washed and dried the exterior. Now, it is possible to take a timeout, an escape or if you are so inclined, move on to the wax job, if required. I suggest waxing, minimum, once each year to improve in protecting the finish. Remember, you can schedule the wax job for another day.

Next, to the inside, you can do this as time allows. Wipe down the fridge, the microwave oven, the stove, and check the filter in the vent-a-hood and the AC return. It may require cleaning or replacing. Vacuum clean the furniture and the carpet.

Mop the remaining floors. Cleanse down the walls, home windows, and every little thing remaining which may have been overlooked. You’ve finished and you have just added to the value and condition of the travel trailer for many years to come. Segmented intervals of cleaning are the trick for cleaning your investment.

There are a lot of solutions available to assist with the cleaning. Check out Wal-mart and Surf City for a few I’ve mentioned. Your local Rv seller can also provide supplies and advice for which you may need.

One last item that can genuinely assist your cleaning process is an Rv cover. When your Rv is sitting up, travel trailer covers provide you with great protection and limit the overall amount of cleaning you will require. Today, get going with guarding that investment with suitable care. It's your investment. If you keep it, sell or trade your Rv, you will see the value returned in the coming years.

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