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  • Published March 18, 2021
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Most people believe that old batteries must be replaced with a new one, but with the EZ Battery Reconditioning System you can restore your old dead car battery back to life. Recondition many other batteries & resell them for big profits. Everybody hates spending money on batteries but we all need batteries. The EZ Battery Reconditioning program teaches people how to recondition all types of old batteries and bring them back to 100% of their working condition. This saves people money (because they don't have to buy new costly batteries) so it has a wide appeal and offers great benefits to nearly everybody.

Mechanics / "Auto Industry / Auto Parts and Accessories

Our product helps people recondition car batteries (as well as other types of batteries used in vehicles). Our product saves this market a lot of money because they don't have to buy pricey auto batteries as often because they can recondition old batteries, use those instead, and save a lot of money. Conversions from this market are fantastic right now.

Solar/Wind/Green/Off-grid Niche:

The “Achilles heel” of residential solar, wind, or other power generating devices is the battery bank. Until our product, building a battery bank was extremely expensive (and difficult) but our battery reconditioning program shows people how to get batteries for free (or dirt cheap), then how to recondition those batteries with a simple new method (so they’re back to "like-new" condition), then we show them how to build a solar panel’s battery bank using these batteries.

This makes building a battery bank very cheap. And before our product, building a battery bank like this used to cost a small fortune.

Survival/Prepper niche:

Many people in this niche are looking to store as much power as possible for after the grid goes down (or other disaster). To do this, they need a large battery bank.

…and our product allows them to build a battery bank that’s both the size they need and it also makes storing large amounts of off-grid energy affordable.

Additionally, many in this niche use solar, wind, or some other type of generator as a backup energy supply - and building a battery bank to store energy after “SHTF” is expensive. Our product solves this pain point.

(as you can see, there’s cross-over appeal between the energy/solar and survival niches).

DIYers, Home & Garden, Woodworking, Shed building niche

People who like to do jobs themselves or are the handyman/handywoman type. Learning how to do jobs themselves saves money and makes them more self-reliant/self-sufficient.

Many in this niche also own small businesses and learning skills like battery reconditioning is very valuable (see the next niche for more about that).

This market is interested in our product because it helps them save money on all types of batteries, makes them much more self-sufficient/self-reliant, and reconditioning batteries is a very valuable skill they can create a battery business out.

Electronic Enthusiast & Repair niche

People in this niche (that visit electronic enthusiast/repair websites/forums) love learning about electronics, how they work, and how to fix them when they break. So learning how to bring their dead electronics batteries back to life is very interesting and beneficial to them. Some of our affiliates advertising on these type of sites with media buys (and also collecting leads from these sites and doing email promotions) are doing quite well right now.

Side Income/Start Your Own Business niche

People who are interested in starting their own business, who don't want a 9-5 desk job, or who are handymen/handywomen can start a battery reconditioning business (we mention this in the sales video).

This is a very profitable business because we show people how to get batteries in bulk for dirt cheap prices (or even for free), then how to recondition those batteries and sell them. It's a very scalable business with nice profit margins and we're including a "battery business guide" with our program right now in addition to our battery reconditioning program to help this niche out. "LINK BELOW"


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