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  • Published July 16, 2020
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We have a lot of remarkable days that have a fixed date; valentine, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, your birthday has a date, and a new year celebration has a date. But some celebrations do not have a fixed time, and you can go on to do the celebration as long as you like. And this includes the celebration of people that are dear to you. The word “Friendiversary” is a popular urbanized slang used among young people. It is a term used for the celebration of your friendship. You can make a friendiversary worthwhile by giving them a gift. Making a picture to text for your friends will be a great way of celebrating your friendship with them.

Ethan and Jeff were best friends; they have had so many moments together while growing up. Their friendship journey started while they were young, and they meant the world to each other. In the first fifteen years of their lives, they have never lived a day without seeing each other. From kindergarten, elementary, middle school to high school, their bonds of friendship were still strong, and you would always be sure that they are siblings each time you see them play together. One of the things that helped their friendship was the relationship between the families. And fortunately for them, Ethan’s father was a professional photographer, so most of their moments together were easily captured in photographs. A moment in their lives came when they had to leave for different colleges, it was hard to be separated, but it had to happen. When they were about to go to their separate schools, it was an emotional moment as they were feeling unhappy and close to shedding tears. To make the atmosphere more conducive, Ethan’s father gave both of them a gift, a very simple gift, but a memorable one. He made some of their photos to word and gave it as a gift to both of them. The reason for this gift is that they feel closer to each other even though they are apart from each other. Through their days in college, no single day ever goes by without them remembering each other.

So, what should you learn from the story? Even though the gift did not come from a friend to a friend, it was from a father to friends, but the goal was fulfilled. As there is no fixed day to celebrate your friends, you can celebrate them every day. If you have the opportunity of having someone in your life that loves you without a string attached, you are lucky and must strive to keep them in your life. Your business partners will love you because you are into business together, your boss will love you because you work for him, your subordinates will love you because you are the boss, but a friend will love for who you are. A friend will know all your flaws and still go-ahead to keep loving you. Having such people around is the best thing you could ever have in your life, and so there is a need to appreciate them. Let them know you love them, cherish them, and respect their decisions to stay in your life. You can appreciate and reward their kindness in your life by creating a picture with words for them. You can either choose their best photos or choose a photo you both had together.

Friendiversary does not always have to be a celebration of someone in your pair that you love most. It can also be a way of celebrating people in your life that are your friends but older than you. You can decide to celebrate your favorite neighbor with a picture with words or a photo to words. It can be your closest colleague at work or even someone superior to you as far as you have a mutual relationship. This idea may sound funny, but you can use a picture of your pet to do it, especially the one you cherish most. Put yourself into the shoe of someone being celebrated, and then you will understand how much a small gift can make someone happy. A colleague at work once gifted me a picture of mine with words on it last year. Initially, I wondered how she got my picture, and to help it all; she has a good eye for selecting Picture because she used the picture I love most. The picture with text was hung on the wall in my living room. And to be sincere with you any day I have my eyes on those pictures, what always comes to my mind was the colleague that gifted me the Picture with text. No day will go in my life ever since then that I will not remember her. The same thing goes for our friends and us. A friend that you turn his or her photo into words and then gave it to her as a gift will never forget you. You can buy them dinner, take them out to cinemas or buy them drinks with time they will forget. But a picture with words hanging around in their living rooms or on their phones will always remind them that they have a friend somewhere that cares for them.

The ultimate goal of buying gifts should not always be the cost, but get a gift that will reserve a space for you in the hearts of your friends. You can buy an expensive gift for your friend, but it may not impact so much as buying a simple picture with words. So, how do you go about writing words on your pictures? Here at a photo to text, the process is simplified and straightforward to do. Upload your desired pictures and the words you want to use, choose your background, make necessary corrections. Complete your order by deciding whether you want it in JPG format or printed out.

Friends are a gift, an uncommon, and a precious gift in our lives. With photo to words, you can celebrate anyone in your life who loves, cherishes, adores you, and has been there for you.

Friendiversary should'nt be once in the life of your friends. Picture with words makes them feel celebrated everyday of their life. Visit us at

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