In a relationship, does age matter?

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  • Published January 1, 2021
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This may be a pity for most people who are deeply in love. Is age really that important in love? Let’s talk.

In “The Garden of Words” by Xin Haicheng, the hostess is a teacher-student relationship, and there is an age difference between them, but it triggers love. Perhaps in the eyes of most people, this is destined to be a fruitless relationship between teachers and students. Although the final result was indeed a pity, the people who clearly loved each other did not come together. This also makes us think about the influence of age on love.

In “The Garden of Words”, men and women do not know each other when they meet, although after several contacts and chats, their relationship seems to have become closer. Before they really understand each other’s feelings, they don’t understand each other at all. Name, age, occupation, etc., neither party knew anything. After chatting for a few days under the same pavilion, the buds of love grew quietly.

However, as a result, the 12-year-old age gap eventually killed the relationship in its budding state.

It seems that the world always cannot tolerate two lovers together smoothly. If the age gap is too large, the experience and experience of the two will be different, which will lead to a lack of common topics between the lovers. Because one party is busy with a business, there is no time to spend together. These objective problems can hinder the relationship between lovers.

From these perspectives, age does bring troubles to relationships. After all, there will be no generation gap between people of the same age. Under the same social experience, they supervise each other, make progress, and are full of positive love. Two people getting better together is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of this relationship.

The age gap may prevent two people from being together, but he cannot prevent the birth of love. When two people fall in love, they are either attracted by the other’s charm or fight for the other’s sincerity. The process of love will not be hindered by age differences. The ancients also said of forgetting the year.

However, to love a person, appreciate his character, fall in love with his heart, and be deeply immersed in his tenderness. If you really meet such a person, his words and deeds are in line with your wishes, why don’t you pursue them? In this mutual heartbeat, does age still matter? Do we have any taboos against the one we love? Definitely not!

It’s not easy to meet people you like each other, and you can’t miss it because of the age difference! What the age gap brings is nothing more than a generation gap in thought and accusations from people around us. We must live for ourselves, and we must fight for the love in our hearts.

At this time, readers believe that age is not important in the face of love!

If you two truly love each other, be together. Nothing can separate you, money is not good, public opinion is not good, and age is not good! If you meet someone you are destined to, and chase it bravely, in the face of love, age is never a problem.

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