5 Quick Tips to Resolve POGO Games Not working and Sign in issue

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Looking for troubleshooting tips for Pogo Games not working and sign in issues? You have landed in the right place. Herein, we have outlined the major causes that obstruct your fun and the solutions for the Pogo technical as well as non-technical issues.

The major reasons behind the POGO Games Not working issue

There can be multiple reasons behind the Pogo games not loading issue. The reasons may be as minor as an incorrect login credential or as major as the Pogo Java problem. Following are the most frequent queries and complaints made by the Pogo users.

Trouble in accessing the Pogo Games account due to Invalid login credentials.

Incompatibility issues with the browser.

Issues with the payment and/or renewal of Club Pogo subscription.

Pogo Java problems like ‘Pokemon go not loading’ or Pogo Java not loading’ etc.

Incompatibility issues due to the screen resolution.

Pogo Flash problems.

Troubleshooting tips for the POGO Games Not working and Sign in issue

Do you spend most of your time wondering ‘Is Pogo down right now?’ or Why does Pogo keep Freezing?’ If yes, you do not have to worry about these issues anymore! Here are the troubleshooting tips for some of the common issues that Pogo Games users face.

Recover your screen name and password

The answer to your query ‘why can’t I log into my Pogo Account’ is that you must be using incorrect login credentials. Follow the steps given below to recover your screen name and password.

1.) Recover your Pogo Games screen name

Visit the website www.pogo.com

On the login page, click on ‘Having Trouble Sign In’.

Click on the option ‘I used to sign in using my Pogo screen name’.

Click on the ‘Forget your screen name?’ option.

Provide your registered email address. Click the submit button.

You shall receive an email from the Pogo team with your pogo screen name mentioned in it.

2.) Recover your Pogo Games password

Visit the website www.pogo.com

On the login page, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

Enter your Pogo username and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

You shall receive the password reset link on your recovery email password.

Click on the link in the email and the password reset page shall be launched.

Fill in the required details. Follow the given instructions to reset your new password.

Resolve your Incompatibility issues with the browser

There are various browser-related issues that can deter your Pogo Games experience. Pogo Games are based on Javascript and this is the reason why Pogo Games does not load properly on certain browsers. If you are facing trouble accessing your account, update your browser to the latest version. In case your Pogo Game keeps freezing, you must refresh or reboot the browser. Clear the cache memory of your browser. However, your game progress may also get cleared unless it works on cloud storage.

Install the latest version of Java

You must have wondered ‘Why pogo is not loading scrabble?’ or ‘Why Pokemon go won’t load?’ The issue behind these problems could be the outdated version of Java. Follow the steps given below to install the latest version of Java.

Navigate to the Control panel of your PC, and uninstall the older version of Java.

Visit https://java.com/en/download/. Download and run the setup.

Enable Java Plugin while installing.

Restart your PC and the latest version of your Java shall be in action.

In case your java plugin is working unobstructed and is of the latest version, the issue can be with your flash player. Troubleshoot your Flash player, update it or install a new one, if need be.

Fix the Screen Resolution

EA-Pogo Games have specific recommendations for the screen resolution for both- free Pogo Member and those having Club membership. If you are facing a recurring issue about Pogo games not working or Pogo Games not loading, try fixing your screen resolution. The recommended resolution for Free Pogo members is 1152864 and for Club Pogo Members is 1024768.

1.) Steps to fix the screen resolution for Windows computer

Right-click on your desktop.

Click on ‘Screen Resolution’. Click on ‘Display Settings’ for Windows 10.

Adjust the resolution as per the recommendations.

Click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.

2). Steps to fix the screen resolution for MAC users

Click on the apple icon on top of the screen. Select ‘System Preferences’.

Click on ‘Displays’.

Adjust the resolutions as per the recommendations.

Restart your computer.

The above-mentioned problems are the most common reasons behind the Pogo games not working and sign in issues. However, if the problem persists, you can seek the technical assistance.

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