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What are Temporary Emails? A temporary email address, or disposable email address, is one that can be used only once and after it has been used, the address cannot be used again and the data associated with the address cannot be recovered. This type of email address can be very useful in protecting your identity and personal information while using the internet. There are numerous reasons why someone may need to use a temporary email address and in this article we will discuss them in detail so you can see if this form of email address would benefit you as well.

  1. Keep your emails private

Gmail's new feature lets you set an expiration date for your emails—meaning that anyone who receives them will only have a limited time to view them. When your email expires, it's gone forever. If you're not comfortable sharing certain personal information with others (e.g., email addresses), use a temporary address. This way, if you change your mind later on, you can always get in touch with recipients directly through another channel like Skype or Facebook. Here are a few reasons why having an expiring Gmail address is beneficial

  1. Temporary emails help you keep your real identity secret

A common method for cybercriminals is to create a fake email account, complete with a realistic-looking username and password. Then they try logging into various accounts using it, hoping that at least one person uses their password as they've set it up (and, sadly, many people do). If you use a temporary email address as your go-to alias whenever you want to register for an account or sign up for a service online, there's no way your real identity can be discovered by trying to log in with that alias. Even if someone guesses your temporary email address password, it will only take them so far before they run out of places to try.

  1. You can have many identities on the internet

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. But how do you keep your private emails from getting mixed up with them? The answer is a temporary email address. There are many reasons why you should consider using a temporary email service. Here are just a few examples. 1. Avoid spam - A temporary email address will allow you to easily sign up for newsletters and promotional offers without worrying about ending up on some list that sends you junk mail every day.

  1. Increase privacy - A public profile can contain lots of information about yourself, such as your full name, birthday, hometown, photos or videos (if applicable), occupation/profession/job title, education level and field of study or work history...the list goes on and on! You may not mind sharing all that information with others in general; however if it's not something you want strangers knowing about yourself or your family members then having a private email address would definitely come in handy.
  1. There are no storage limits

With disposable email addresses, you aren’t limited by how much space your address has. Once it is full, you can simply create a new one. This is perfect for those with large media libraries that need to be sent via email (i.e., pictures). There are many people who use a temporary e-mail address for their resume, just in case they have something embarrassing in there!

  1. The process is very easy

you just need to visit an online service provider. Sign up for a free email account, get temporary email address, and start sending your messages via temporary email. Whether you are shopping online or sending sensitive information to your clients, you should use a temporary email address to safeguard your personal info. Here are ten good reasons why using temporary email is a good idea

  1. A temporary email gives you a fresh start every time

Need a brand new email to sign up for websites? Easy. Want an address that can’t get hacked? Done. Use a temporary email address to keep your personal accounts secure and free from spam. No one will have access to your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about spam or other unwanted messages. There are no limits on how many addresses you can create, so it is easy to use several different emails when signing up for sites and services online. If you forget which email you used somewhere, just log in and check out all of your old emails under one login – it couldn't be easier!

This is also useful if you want a throwaway email address: If you want to sign up for something but don't want anyone finding out (maybe a dating site), or if you just need an address that isn't linked back to your name, a temporary email is perfect!

  1. The email address looks like your own name

If you’re tired of people asking if [email protected] is really your address, go with one that looks like your name instead. That way, you won’t have to waste time repeatedly clarifying what your address actually is. Instead, people will just recognize it as your real email—and quickly get to whatever message you sent them. Plus, a personal-looking email address also comes in handy when making new contacts—it just looks more professional than something random or spammy.

  1. They are password protected and secured with two factor authentication

This helps to keep your emails safe from spam bots. The password allows you to access your email without having it shared with anyone, so you can use that account specifically for communicating with clients. If someone were to get a hold of your temporary email address, they wouldn’t be able to find any personal information on it. This is a great way to protect yourself while also allowing others easy access when they need it.

  1. A temporary email helps you avoid spam traps.

If you are looking to apply for a new job, chances are that your resume will end up in a spam folder. This can make it difficult for hiring managers to find your application, even if you have done everything right. To avoid placing your application in a spam folder, it is a good idea to register for temporary email accounts that expire after 30 days or less. The reason why recruiters can’t find applications from those with temporary email accounts is because those addresses don’t contain valuable information about their owners. If someone wants to contact you via email, they will need to do so from an address that contains valuable information about you (your permanent account).

  1. Your information remains safe while keeping your identity anonymous.

Identity theft is a serious problem that affects millions of people every year. For that reason, it's important to protect your information from prying eyes. The Internet makes it easier than ever to collect large amounts of data from a number of sources, which means that your identity could be exposed if you're not careful about what you do online. When you create an email address with ProtonMail, we route messages through our servers in Geneva, Switzerland so that nobody can track down where you live or work or who you really are. We also support encrypted attachments on our mail client (more on those later) so that nobody can read your messages without access to your private key. But don't worry!

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