Proper Care for Newly Planted Trees (5 Easy Steps)


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  • Published July 2, 2021
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It is no doubt that trees provide shade and fresh air in your homes, particularly important during the hottest months of the year. But most people are unaware that these woody and foliage-rich trees can boost property value up to $50,000 on average and reduce energy bills up to $400 annually.

Thus, more and more people are becoming garden enthusiasts. For them, planting trees is not just a hobby anymore but prioritising their property in the long run. May it be no-maintenance trees or hedging trees, most garden owners feel proud and satisfied once they bloom and grow healthy.

If you are wondering when is the best time to plant trees, now is the right moment. And if you are a newbie in this field, don’t worry since Trees Down Under got you covered. We have prepared these five easy steps on how to take good care of newly planted trees:

Step #1: Regular and Consistent Watering

Regular and consistent watering is essential to establish the tree’s roots in the soil. Newly planted trees require frequent watering, and their first five years are crucial for their growth and development.

Although trees have different water requirements, there is a rule of thumb in watering newly planted trees. And these are the following:

When to water

  • Age 1-2 weeks: Daily

  • Age 3-12 weeks: Thrice a week

  • More than 12 weeks: Weekly

How much to water

  • 4-8 litres of water for every 2.5cm of the trunk’s diameter

  • A quarter of the volume of the plant pot or container

  • Increase irrigation volume once roots grow and spread

Step #2: Organic Mulching

Organic mulching is the process of applying a layer of organic materials - such as wood chips, pine needles, leaves, and compost mixes - to improve soil structure and tree fertility. A 5-13cm mulch can recreate a forest-like soil environment.

Practising organic mulching is a great help, especially for residential areas in which soils are not ideal enough for tree growth. Here are some tips on how to create a mulch for your newly planted trees:

  • Clear the grasses within the one-metre diameter of the tree’s surrounding (3 metres for larger trees).

  • Pour organic mulch 5-10cm deep within the circle.

  • Prevent the mulch from touching the trunk.

  • Apply new mulch over old mulch in successive years.

Step #3: Monitor Garden Pests

Just like any other plants, your newly planted trees can be victims of destructive garden pests. Watering and mulching are two crucial tree care treatments for developing trees. However, over-watering and over-mulching can invite harmful pests since they are attracted to moisture most of the time. Thus, you should follow the practices and tips mentioned earlier for proper watering and organic mulching.

Once you spot garden pests, it is essential not to apply commercial chemicals yet. Choose organic or natural methods in getting rid of these pests, such as releasing beneficial insects. If the infestation becomes uncontrollable, connect with professionals for advice to avoid harming your sensitive and fragile trees.

Step #4: Prune at the Right Time

Wait at least a year before considering pruning your newly planted trees. Early pruning reduces the tree’s ability to manufacture food and slows plant growth and development. However, you can conduct corrective pruning in cases of diseases and crossing branches.

Step #5: Call Professional Gardeners

For a guaranteed and safe planting, calling professional gardeners is the best decision to make. They have the necessary information on what kind of trees are perfect in your outdoor space. Moreover, they can also identify soil type and conduct tree services and maintenance with expertise and the appropriate tools.

However, you should make sure that whoever you call, they are a well-known and established company. Check their licences, insurance policies, and customer reviews.


Newly planted trees require more attention and care since they are just starting their growth and development. As a garden owner, it is your responsibility to treat them the right way. Watering, organic mulching, preventing pests infestations, and pruning are just some of the activities you need to do. Once these trees bloom and establish, you can undoubtedly enjoy the majestic and relaxing view of your garden.

Jennifer Lee is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Trees Down Under, a leading tree removal company in Sydney specialising in tree pruning, tree removal and tree cutting services. She enjoys covering topics about recycling, sustainability and environmental preservation.

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