Outdoor Hot Tub Installation: From Assembly to Relaxation


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  • Published August 29, 2023
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Are you dreaming of luxurious relaxation in your own outdoor hot tub? In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of assembling and installing a beautiful red cedar hot tub. With attention to detail and a little DIY spirit, you can transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis of tranquility.

This step-by-step tutorial will provide you with all the details you need to successfully build your sauna tub. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Preparing the Base

• Start by placing the base plate upside down.

• Reinforce the base plate using wooden blocks, this will work as risers.

• These risers can provide space for ventilation and easy draining.

• Ensure that the base plate is sturdy and ready for the next steps.

Step 2: Dry Fit the Staves

The staves are the vertical wooden panels that form the walls of the hot tub. Here are two methods for assembly:

• Method 1: Assemble the staves while the tub is upright. Use ropes and tags to secure them together. This method requires coordination but ensures a snug fit.

• Method 2: Assemble the staves with the hot tub turned upside down. This approach is easier for smaller hot tubs and reduces the need for ropes and tags.

No matter your method, here are the general steps to attach the staves:

• Begin by placing the staves in position around the base plate, without applying silicone.

• Use a rope around to hold the staves together temporarily.

• Check to make sure you have the correct number of staves and that they fit nicely.

Step 3: Checking Stave Placement

• Pay attention to the position of each stave, especially the ones with holes for the heater and drain. Take note where you want the drain to face so you won't have to rotate the tub again after installation.

• Using a rope, secure the staves together, ensuring they are tightly aligned next to each other.

• This dry fit will help you confirm the correct number of staves before proceeding.

Step 4: Applying Silicone

• In applying silicone, gently pull out a few staves at a time to create space for applying silicone.

• Apply a small amount of silicone (about five millimeters) to the notches at the bottom of the staves.

• Carefully push the staves back into position after silicone application.

• Repeat this process for each stave/ section stave until you've applied silicone to the entire bottom edge.

• You can use another temporary strap at the bottom, to help the silicone have better sealing at the bottom area of the tub.

Step 5: Permanent Straps

• Check the gaps between the staves to ensure they are relatively small, preferably less than a millimeter.

• Once you're confident about the stave alignment, apply stainless steel permanent straps.

• Apply straps at the top and bottom, maintaining consistent height from the staves to the straps.

• Use a middle strap in between the top and bottom straps.

• Tighten the straps evenly using a ratchet strap and a bit of WD-40 for smooth tightening.

Step 6: Final Sealing Touches

• Seal any remaining small gaps by applying a tiny bead of silicone on the inside corners.

• This step helps speed up the sealing process and ensures a watertight seal.

• Check for leaks and gaps along the bottom and top of the tub.

Step 7: Installing Benches and Accessories

• Cut the risers to an appropriate height for comfortable seating.

• Secure the benches to the risers, ensuring proper spacing and access to outlets and filters.

• Attach the filters to the hot tub to maintain water cleanliness.

• Assemble the flue and glass door for the firewood heater.

Step 8: Filling and Testing the Tub

• Twist the tub slightly to align the staves.

• Begin filling the tub with water to test for leaks.

• Minor leaks are normal, don’t worry about it. The wood will expand due to exposure to water, and will likely seal within a week.

• Also, make sure the plumbing and heater connections are secure.

• Test the firewood heater to ensure it's functioning properly.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Oasis

Once your outdoor hot tub is assembled, sealed, and tested, it's time to reward yourself for your hard work. Relax and unwind in your newly installed hot tub, surrounded by the soothing warmth and natural beauty of cedar wood. Invite friends and family over to share the joy of your private retreat!

Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You've successfully assembled your Cedar Hot Tub. We hope this guide provided an overview of the assembly process for DIY hot tubs, which are easy to build.

With careful assembly and attention to detail, you've successfully created a haven for relaxation in your own backyard. Embrace the serenity and comfort that your outdoor hot tub brings as you escape the stresses of everyday life.

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