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Even with great motivation, it is sometimes difficult to reach your goals, and what could be more frustrating than not achieving what you want! 

When you set good goals and train accordingly, it's almost normal to achieve them, but it's not always easy, and some things can get in the way. 

First of all, motivation in training is a decisive factor, which, if it is lacking, will hinder our efforts. Then, other factors must be taken into account such as recovery and nutrition. In short, it is our lifestyle and our efforts in training that allow us to succeed.  So, if you give yourself the means, you should succeed, discover all my advice to reach your sporting objectives. If you don't know how to set your goals yet, read Setting your sports goals! 

Getting organised to achieve your goals

The first part of achieving a goal is adapting your lifestyle and training to what you want to achieve. You must have an action plan that corresponds to your goal, otherwise you will not be able to achieve it. 

Strategy for achieving your goals

To be successful, you must first set your goals, and then, with a strategy for achieving your goals, you will succeed. In order to reach your goal more easily, I advise you to put in place a strategy of achievement which consists of deploying different techniques that will help you get where you want to go. 

To do this, you need to know more or less what is required to succeed, this can be difficult at the beginning, but with practice, you will target your strategy better. 

Then, for your training, you need to set up a training schedule that will allow you to have a defined progression between your sessions, with a good organisation that will help you train well. Whatever your level, having a training schedule is a great help in achieving your goals. 

In your training plan, you need to vary the sessions to enjoy yourself and to maximise the effectiveness of your different sessions. During your sessions, you can also set mini-goals for each session. 

A very short term goal makes it much easier for you to surpass yourself and pushes you towards success. I refer you to this article on motivation if you want to know more! 

Have the best lifestyle to succeed

In terms of your lifestyle, it is essential that you sleep well and eat well. Your diet must meet your body's needs and allow it to benefit as much as possible from the effects of your training. 

The diet of a sportsman or woman has special requirements, even if you are just starting out in sport! Your protein intake must be sufficient and allow your muscle cells to rebuild. 

Then, you need to plan a good recovery so that your muscles can recover.

Then, you need to plan a good recovery so that your body can cope with your training pace, so don't forget to leave yourself rest days! 

If you want to increase your training volume, do it gradually, keeping one rest day per week. Really, your lifestyle plays a major role in your success and you need to have a healthy lifestyle to feel your best and do everything you can to succeed! 

Visualise your results and be motivated to succeed

As you know, motivation is essential, and what better way to motivate yourself than to follow your progress? I give you my advice to succeed in what you want, whether it is in sport or in your life! 

Write down your results and do regular reviews

By writing down your results, you will keep track of your progress. Do this every week, it will help you see that you are improving, especially if you are just starting out, you will progress very quickly! The performances you achieve will allow you to make regular assessments and to see if you need to change anything in your programming. 

Check your results often and observe your progress, this will reinforce and motivate you even more to succeed! You can also note your state of fatigue and other indicators of this type to see if you have a good training rhythm and if you are not overdoing it! 

All of these techniques for measuring your progress will help you to stay motivated and keep going for your goal! These methods can also be used in your personal and professional life, use them regularly to progress and achieve what you want! 

Use visualisation and mental preparation techniques

Psychology plays an important role in the success of sportsmen and women, as I explain in Doing Sport when you have the Fleming. If you want to succeed, you can rely on techniques used in mental preparation. Firstly, positive visualisation, which consists of imagining yourself succeeding in achieving your objectives. 

This technique is extremely powerful and will allow you to improve very quickly. It will stimulate your body, and make it more efficient, and will give you more confidence in yourself. This method is usually used before competitions, but you can use it before all your training sessions! 

Also, you can use small rewards every time you make progress, which will motivate you through a positive association of your progress. This simple method will help you to stay motivated. For example, you can allow yourself a food treat each week when you have made progress. And if you don't make progress one week, the frustration of not being rewarded will push you to do better the next week! 

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