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  • Published May 13, 2009
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Levitra (generic name, vardenafil) is a prescription medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) - which is the inability for men to achieve the penis erection. This embarrassing situation is to maintain an erection until ejaculation is often referred to as impotence. Regardless of what the underlying physiological and psychological reasons are, this condition was once a taboo subject.

Levitra is a FDA-approved oral medication, which is only available in prescription. It works by relaxing your muscles to increase blood flow to the penis. The additional flow of blood will engorge the penis which helps men get an erection more difficult. Moreover, Levitra works by inhibiting the flow of blood from the penis. This will help you keep Longer-lasting erection. Usually, after sexual activity ceases, the erection will be missed. If the penis stubbornly staying up more than 4 hours, seek medical attention to avoid long-term injury.

Levitra The common adverse drug reactions are nausea. Rarely ADR were abdominal pain, back pain, light sensitivity reactions, abnormal vision, eye pain, facial swelling, high blood pressure, palpitation, tachycardia, joint pain, muscle pain, rash, itching, and Priapism. Adverse effects have been reported in clinical trials include headache, flushing, and stuffy or runny nose. Very rare cases, a report on a doctor immediately if you have a sudden decrease or loss of vision, in one or both eyes.

But what is special about Levitra is that people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even diabetes have been shown to be safe taking this medication. These health factors do not seem to prevent these men from enjoying increased sexual activities after that. As with any new medication, it is always best to ask your doctor drug interactions existing medicines, and current medical conditions.

So, before taking Levitra, Consult your doctor if you have or have had a history of heart disease such as irregular heart rhythm or angina pectoris or heart failure, or heart attacks. Make your doctor aware of any history of stroke, blood clots, blood pressure problems, kidney disease, liver disease, blood disorder, bleeding disorder, stomach ulcer, retinitis pigment, penis malformation, or if health reasons,or you can not participate in sexual intercourse.

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