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  • Author Shane Fallas
  • Published May 21, 2009
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We've all heard the expression, "Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little." If you're trying to figure out how to get someone in bed, this phrase is the only thing you'll need to remember.

Now, by giving a little, we aren't talking handing out a wad of money in exchange for bedroom time. Anyone can do that! What we are talking about is.... give a little of yourself. Women want to have your undivided attention. The key to getting a woman into bed is to entirely devote yourself to her. Behave as if you have blinders on, and don't see anything else happening around you. SHE is your focal point. Look her directly in the eye while she's speaking; don't do something stupid like look around while she's talking, or even worse, admire another woman.

Make a woman feel beautiful, and you're in. By this, I don't mean simply saying something like, "Baby, you are fine!" She'll know you're just putting her on. Instead, be specific. Say things like, "Your hair is so soft, I love the way it feels against my skin." Or give her a compliment like, "You have the most amazing eyes. I feel alive when you look at me." In other words, don't feed her crap. Find things that you really like about her, and let her know why that particular thing appeals to you. (Comments about her breasts, thighs, or butt, should not be used to GET her into bed. You can save those comments for afterwards)

Be a gentleman. Remove her jacket for her. Find out what she wants to drink and then order for her. Open doors. Pull out chairs. A woman will notice each one of these gestures and store it in her memory bank. She'll share the information with friends, who will then convince her that you are a great guy. GIVE A LITTLE, and you'll receive a lot in return.

Be prepared! For God's sake, have protection ready for when you get to the bedroom. Nothing will ruin your chances for a little action more than not having a condom. If she sees you aren't prepared, she may decide you aren't responsible, and change her mind. Don't be dumb and say, "Hey, baby. I've got five condoms in my back pocket for later." THAT WILL BLOW YOUR CHANCE! Just be ready in case the opportunity presents itself.

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