Tips For Increasing Low Sperm Count - Beware of Cellphones!

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  • Author Joe P Black
  • Published May 21, 2009
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There are so many studies have shown that cell phones can harm the function of male sperm count. The general theory is: the farther you keep your cell phone away from your genital area, the better your chance for increasing low sperm count. To be exact, scientist have found that cell phone signals can effect five essential issues in semen production. They are:

  1. Motility-how they move to the eggs.

  2. Sperm count-the number of sperm inside certain amount of semen.

  3. Morphology-the proper composition.

  4. Viability-the endurance of sperm in certain conditions.

  5. Liquefaction-how long the semen change from a thick gel into liquid.

So,what's causing the damage? There are many theories. Scientist suspect radio frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy necessary for making a call. The higher the EM energy emitted, though, the more damaging it can be. While cell phone RFs are considered low energy, young sperm cells are fragile and easily damaged, and thus may be sensitive to even low energy waves. Another theory is that using cell phone without earpiece can impairs the brain's regulation of the hormones that control sperm production. Radio frequencies can also increase the temperature of the newly forming sperm, which is bad if you want to increasing low sperm count.

Now that you know it, should you dump your cell phone? That's probably unnecessary, but being cautious isn't a bad idea. There are some options:

  • When the option is available, use a land line rather than your cell phone.

  • Using an an earpiece is highly recommended because it can protect your other sexual organ--your brain.

  • Avoid keeping your phone in your lap or your front pocket while not using it.

  • Your Man-bag, your backpack and even a clip-on holder that's positioned at your side are all better options than keeping it in your front pocket.

Well, maybe health effects may not be picked up for a potentially long time. But, given what is known and what is not known, it's not unreasonable to be as careful as you can. Your awareness about these findings can help you increasing low sperm count.

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