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  • Published May 14, 2009
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There are few women who can claim that they did not have any sexual fantasies when they were a teen. They imagine that they were in the company of their favourite stars, or favourite person who would cuddle them up, kiss them or maybe go to the extremes of having sex with them. While this is a part of growing up this happens to most people. But some women never stop dreaming about all these. It should be taken care of as soon as it is noticed. Or else it can end up leading to sexual health disorders.

Teen sexual fantasies are not bad by themselves, the physical actions that follow may lead to teenage sexual health disorders and some of these disorders might well end up causing impairments on their vital organs for ever. There are many women who start playing with their organs while fantasizing. Sometimes they imagine that they are having sex with two men at the same time. While they think about this they forget their real state and sometimes perform some tasks which can cause harm to their physical and mental health.

There are medications available in the market for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. But the best medication is psychological. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is more psychological than physical. So, it's better to consult a gynaecologist for these problems. She will guide you through the psychological therapy and will help you to come out of your sexual fantasy land to this real world.

Female sexual dysfunctions depend on the reasons. Some of the female sexual dysfunction problems are very simple. But most of them are complicated. Most of them are emotional problems. Some of them are causes from relationship troubles, some of them are physiological. Sexual problems can happen to any woman in any age. It doesn't matter whether her age is below 30 or more than 40.

Sexual difficulty means when some one is having trouble with her sex drive, orgasm, arousal or pain while having sex which is bothersome to her sex partner. Mostly the middle aged women are affected by sexual problems. But in fast and furious lifestyle teenagers are also getting affected. . They are going through their perimenopause cycle. In time of menopause a host of vascular, hormonal changes occur to a woman. . It is very important to understand how things change in midlife which can cause your sexlife affected. Some changes happen in the bladder which increases the urination frequency. And these all can affect when you are enjoying a good sex with your partner.

In time of menopause depression, anxiety, resentment, guilt and stress are very common among women. These emotional factors can also affect a women's sex drive. Psychological therapy can be the best treatment for these problems. Even herbal therapy can also help the women. As there are many herbs which are being used in drugs to increase the arousal. Previously women were searching to find something which can help them out from sexual problem.

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