Erotic Massage - Why It is Important

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  • Published May 26, 2009
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Sometimes, a perfectly healthy relationship between a couple can deteriorate to a point beyond repair simply because of lack of intimacy. Why is there a lack of intimacy if the relationship is supposedly healthy? Well, there could be many reasons. Some couples are just too busy with work. Others spend most of their time on their children, and they neglect a very important part of the relationship. As a result, the initial spark between the two people starts to wear off bit by bit. One fine day, the couple will realize that things are no longer the same, and they wonder what went wrong.

To keep the relationship loving, alive, and full of passion, care must be taken to re-energize the bond on a regular basis. Don't just neglect the relationship and pretend that nothing is wrong. At least one person has to stand out and take the lead. Taking the lead means taking action to sustain the bond. Otherwise, it's going to be a downhill ride all the way. And we all know where "downhill" is headed - a crash landing.

A good solution to this problem is to have erotic massages. Such massages are easy to perform, and they can be a lot of fun. They will help a couple become more intimate and loving. On top of that, a massage helps an individual to relax. It is like giving a "gift" to the other part of you. When a person is relaxed, it's always easier to communicate and talk to each other. And having good communications can also help improve the relationship. This is a side benefit that most people don't see.

So how do you begin an erotic massage?

Firstly, make sure that you choose an environment that is suitable for the massage session to take place. Such sessions are most suitable under dim and romantic lighting. You can have the massages during the day time, but make sure that you pick an enclosed room for this purpose.

Once you have picked the location, you are going to need the appropriate tools and resources. Any comfortable bed will do just fine. To enhance the romantic mood, burn fragrance candles in the room. These are small candle stands with lovely fragrant oils in them. There are many types of odors you can choose from. These smells can help people to relax.

Finally, don't forget to buy massage oils. Most oils are scented, and they are ideal for aromatherapy sessions. Apply a few drops of oils on to your palms, and rub them together to generate heat. Warm palms will feel better on the skin when you start the massage proper.

If you have never undergone any proper training, stick to the major muscle groups. Avoid twisting or bending actions. Use gentle motions whenever possible. Also, use your fingers as much as possible. Your fingers are sensitive enough to sense the non-verbal signals that are communicated to you as the session progresses. Use them wisely to provide a pleasurable experience for your other half.

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