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  • Published May 26, 2009
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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are caused by the infections caused by the micro-organisms on sexual organs and spread through the sexual activity. Whether oral sex, sexually intercourse, or anal sex all can transform STDs from one person to another. In simple language STDs are caused by the sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sometimes STIs are transformed from one person to another through use of an IV drug needle after its use by an infected person, as well as through childbirth or breastfeeding. Recently during the survey it was observed that 60% of the people worldwide suffer with the STDs. Sometimes even the deaths are being reported in the severe cases of infection. AIDS is also one of the STDs and once person suffers from it, death is certain.

Suffering with STDs really creates a lot of problems in your life. The first thing it does is it damages the normal functioning of the reproductive system and devastates your sex life completely. Even discussing with the doctor and then treating it becomes a very much embarrassing parts. So, I really feel that prevention is better than cure in the case of STDs.

Preventive measures for STDs are as follows:

  1. Avoiding sex with the multiple partners is the first step to prevent STDs. Sex with the multiple partners makes you double the times prone to STDs because you might not know during the sex that he is having any sexual health problems. Even having a group sex can also make your prone to STDs because any of your partners might be having a STDs and it will spread eventually to all of the people having sex with him/her.

  2. STDs are caused by the infections caused by the micro-organisms. Many times these infections occur due to the unhealthy hygiene of sex organs. The first step you can do is to maintain the hygiene of intimate parts by washing them properly and regularly. Always try to keep them dry because if they are moist then bacteria can attack them. Wear the lose underwear so that proper aeration is possible to sex organs.

  3. Condoms are the one of the best methods for the prevention from the STDs. As we all know that nobody can resist the thrill of sex, so better is to wear a condom whenever you have a sex with the unknown partner or if there is a slightest doubt in your mind about the sexual health of the partner. Use of condom also provides you a relief from the unwanted pregnancy. So, start using condoms today to avoid hazardous effects of STDs. Use condom every condom once and don’t use the condom used by somebody else otherwise there are high chances of STDs.

  4. Masturbation is the one of the best technique to protect from the STDs. Masturbation is the self pleasure technique for the sex. Even could be done between the partners if any one of them is suffering with the STDs. Suppose you partner is suffering from the STDs then please avoid sexual contact with him/her, but you can masturbate together. Even with the help of Masturbation technique you can enjoy the most satisfying orgasms.

  5. Spermicides can be used to prevent STDs as they kill the sperms they also have a power to kill the infecting organism. Spermicides can be best used in combination with the condoms because this combination is supposed to give 100% prevention from the STDs. But, please avoid oral sex if she is using spermicides because this may be harmful to you.

So from the next time during the sex, follow the above mentioned preventive measures as these tips will prevent you from the STDs.

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