How to Make Sex Satisfactory?

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  • Published June 7, 2009
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Sexual satisfaction is what every individual intensely strives for. Sex is the need of life and it is the way through which life grows. The reason why we are here today is the sex, without sex no life can persist and multiply. Sex is the basic necessity of every individual and it plays a great role in making the life happy. Satisfactory sex is the core of happiness in the life. Sex is like a game that is played by the two contenders, in which each strives for the satisfaction of the other. Finally in the game of sex both the partners should occur to be the winners. Sex as said by Vatsayana, a renowned writer of Kama Sutra, can be satisfactory only when it is a symbiotic association. One should understand that the sexual satisfaction of the both the partners should be the only outcome of the sexual act, and if the outcome is always the satisfaction of one partner then you are missing something.

To make satisfactory you first need is understand the sex. Please read some of the materials and books about the sex and they will give you an idea about the satisfaction points of men as well as women. Sex is a backbone of the men-women relationship. Sex nurtures the men-women relationship and makes both of them comfortable and happy with each other. Sex improves the life of an individual by making him more understanding, mature, and reliable. The indulgence in the sex should not be only for giving birth to new generation, but it should be for the satisfaction of both the partners. Sex makes your life more happy and rejuvenating. Sex has many good effects on your health.

The first thing to make sex satisfactory is that you need to have a good communication with your partner. Communication is the key to sexual satisfaction. It helps you discuss about your sexual needs and makes you aware about the likes and dislikes of your partner. The partners should give special importance to the likes of their partner and it is very necessary to avoid the dislikes because if you do the dislikes the sex may turn into the disaster as no one would be satisfied by it. Sex is about the satisfaction of the partners, their souls, and their entire bodies. Men should not go for the intercourse and should learn the technique of sex and should turn their woman on by focusing on the erogenous zone and then should go for the ultimate pleasure zone i.e. clitoral stimulation done by the full intercourse.

Sexual satisfaction can be attained only when both the partners actively participate in sex. This note is specifically for the women as they usually act like the dumb bodies during the sex making the partner feel bored. Women should also participate in the sex actively and try to give the pleasure to the men. Also, Women should sometimes take the initiative for the sex this really makes the sex life turn into the best satisfactory sexual experience. Sex is not a mechanical activity, but it is a passionate activity. Sex is a team-oriented sensual act that involves the team of 2 players of separate gender that thrive for the sexual satisfaction of both the players. As every game requires the warm-up session, same is the case with the sex. Even sex requires the warm-up session that is termed as the foreplay. You can make you partner sexually aroused by the perfect foreplay. Lack of foreplay and too fast speed makes you to ejaculate very soon, even before your partner is sexually aroused. You must have heard "slow and steady wins the race" so go slow with the things.

Men specifically think of sex as the physical activity and take it as granted that their partner also think of sex as sexual activity. But, they should understand that women think of sex as the emotional activity. So, understanding the perspective of your partner about the sex is the first step towards making the sex life satisfactory. Sex is the skill work that could be learned only after indulging in it for the more times. Finally, satisfactory sex has many good effects on human health. Sex improves resistance power, maintains healthy weight, and also gifts a person with a healthy life. So, please put in some extra efforts to make your sex life satisfactory.

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