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Sexual dysfunction is one of the very sensitive and major issues today. A study has revealed that around 8% of females are suffering from sexual dysfunction but they feel embarrassed to consult any doctor or they don't want to disclose their sexual inability to their partner. That's why many of them are finding relationship problems in their marriage life or personal distress. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) was often underestimated but now women are more concerned about this sexual problem and consulting doctors to get proper treatment. There are many factors that may cause sexual dysfunction in female, such as age, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, depression and chronic medical conditions.

Female Sexual Dysfunctions(FSD)

Depending on age it has been estimated that up to 40% of women who are suffering from sexual dysfunction are having lack of sexual arousal, decreased sexual desire and decreased sexual activity including sexual complaints like vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse and difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm. It is an age-related as well as progressive problem. Several biological, medical, and psychological factors are also responsible for female sexual dysfunction. Mainly females have had removed their womb or ovaries or having low level of testosterone hormone, are found suffering from FSD.

Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction(FSD)

Intrinsa Testosterone patch is one of the treatments for FSD widely used. Intrinsa patches constantly release small amount of testosterone (a natural sex hormone) through the skin into the bloodstream to regain the required level of testosterone in your body. That helps to regain women's sexual desires and closeness with their partners. Balanced level of testosterone in women improves sexual desire as well as sexual thoughts and sexual arousal. Intrinsa should be used only after obtaining a prescription from doctor.

Who are not recommended to use Intrinsa Testosterone Patches

You should not buy Intrinsa Testosterone Patches if you are allergic to testosterone or any of the other ingredients of testosterone patches. If you have had in the past, currently have, or think that you might have, breast cancer or ‘estrogen-dependent’ cancers or any other cancer, don’t buy Intrinsa.

Take special care before you buy Intrinsa:

If you have a history of heart, liver or kidney disease

If you are diabetic, as testosterone may lower blood glucose levels

If you have a history of excessive adult acne, body or facial hair, hair loss, enlargement of the clitoris or voice deepening or hoarseness

Intrinsa Patches should be used only after obtaining a prescription from doctor.

Side Effects of Intrinsa Testosterone Patches

The part of the skin where the patch is applied may show some visible signs of, rashes, irritation, redness or itching. In addition, one may witness hair loss, acne, insomnia, migraine, increase in amount of hair on the upper lip or chin etc. These side effects usually go away after the use of Intrinsa has been discontinued. These side effects are a result of the increased levels of testosterone in the body.

If these side effects persist or become serious, use of these patches should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Here we recommend consulting your health care provider before using intrinsa testosterone patches. Because your doctor better suggest you the proper medication and ways to treat the condition.

This article describes Female Sexual Dysfunction including why women suffering from Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) buy Intrinsa Patches. You must consult to your doctor before you buy testosterone ptches.

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