Swinging Rule - Convince your spouse, don't force to swing

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  • Published June 11, 2009
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Is your girlfriend or wife unwilling to swing? If yes, then talk to them, convince them and don't force them emotionally to join the swinging lifestyle.

Are you in love with swinging lifestyle? Do you like its liberties and flirtations? If yes, then you should take a plunge into the lifestyle. However, under some circumstances your spouse won't agree to swing. They might believe that the lifestyle in against their social norms or they might be afraid to lose you or your love. Every individual has certain views about the lifestyle and you can't compel others to swing because of your personal interests.

At times, you'll be able to convince them. You will spend a night out with the swinger couple and the next morning your wife tells you she won't swing again. She'll say that she felt awkward and uncomfortable while initiating sexual activity with a stranger. Later on, you'll get into an argument and spoil your relations. Some spouse will remain angry for few days, until and unless their spouse agrees to swing.

However, men should realize that swinging is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people like it while some don't. The forceful indulgence will never meet your desires. You should respect the feelings of your partner without fail. However, if you are highly determined to swing, then you should make your spouse realize that you love them a lot.

You should tell them that the lifestyle is just for sexual pleasures and it will enhance their relation to unparalleled level. Talk to them about your fantasies. Yes talk! Tell them the reason that compels you to swing. A healthy conversation will definitely serve the purpose. You should make them realize that love and sex are two different things. You should develop love and security in the relation and this belongingness will act positively in convincing your partner.

Although, this takes sometime but it’s better than hurting the sentiments of your beloved. Initially, you can ask them to join you at swinging club or party. They can also become voyeurs and extract visual pleasures. This practice will make them comfortable with the swinging environment. However, if they are still unwilling to swing, then don't force them. After all, love and relations are more important that desires.

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Joseph · 10 years ago
My girlfriend for 3.5 years has had woth me some experiences of swinging last 1.5 years but now she tells me she hates it when someone else touches her and told me she does not want to take part in it at all. Problem is I want it more as I feel alive in this lifestyle Is leaving her and finding another partner the only way out as I am tired trying to convince her. Thanks in advance

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