It’s official. Ignore erectile dysfunction at your peril

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  • Published June 17, 2009
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There are times when you turn on the TV and find the latest scare story headlining. Sometimes it’s real. You really can get food poisoning from peanut butter. Other times, the media have found some odd bit of research and blown it out of all proportion. This article looks at one new story. Appropriately, it’s about erectile dysfunction (ED). And we should take this seriously because. . .? Because it comes out of the Mayo Clinic, the internationally recognized center of excellence. So, the researchers there know a thing or two.

This latest research re-examined previous studies to establish the relationship between ED and heart disease. There have been a number of studies confirming the link, but none have actually measured the strength of the linkage. It has been left conveniently vague up to now. To give you an indication of the credibility of the latest study, there were 1,400 participants and their health has been monitored since 1996. This gives a significant sample for statistical analysis so the results are that much more persuasive. For those of you who are older, it confirms that ED is a normal part of ageing. It increasingly affects you as the years roll by. However, if the dysfunction does not affect you until you are old, there is little chance you will have any heart disease. Now, starting from the other end, the younger you are when the first symptoms of ED affect you, the more likely it is you will be affected by heart disease. What are the numbers? If you suffer from ED before or during your forties, the chances of you having heart disease are 80%. That’s four out of five men will have heart disease. That’s a massive number!

Is ED among young men the equivalent of a death sentence? Well, it need not be. Like all symptoms, it is a warning. People who ignore warnings pay the price later on. In this case, however, positive action can be taken to reduce the risks. Those who simply buy viagra to keep sexually active are not doing themselves any favors. There are two essential lifestyle changes. The first is to switch to a healthy diet. ED can be a first sign of high cholesterol levels, so reducing the cholesterol intake is a good first step. Indeed, generally reducing body weight will, in itself, reduce the risk of heart disease. Eliminating smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol is also advisable. The second step is to significantly increase the level of physical exercise. This is not simply more viagra to keep going longer in bed. This is real exercise to improve blood circulation, muscle tone and stamina. This also helps in losing body weight. Put the two together and men will see a path opening up to a longer life. Stay a couch potato and the odds say you will be one of the four out of five.

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