Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Really Works?

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Penis enlargement surgery has become much more common today than in the previous decades. One reason for this might be the effectiveness of the surgery, and the quickness of the results. Certainly, surgery is the most obvious method to bring about both – penile enlargement as well as enhancement – though it is also the most expensive process.

There are many aspects to consider being going in for a penis surgery. First and foremost, you must be perfectly sure that surgery will correct your problem, or give you the look that you desire. For this, you must approach a qualified surgeon who specializes in penile surgeries. Ask him what you must expect after the surgery.

Penile surgery can achieve three important things for you: penis enlargement, penis enhancement and correction of penis curves. It is necessary to discuss with the surgeon beforehand what purpose you aim to achieve. It is better to spend some time before the surgery in discussing the issue rather than having to waste precious time and money later in corrective surgeries.

In this article we shall discuss mainly the surgeries done for penis enlargement. Penis enlargement surgery is the surgical increase in the size – both length and girth – of the penis. It is a mostly cosmetic surgery, since any normal male penis is enough for penetrative sex. However, in some men with congenital defects, there may be a micropenis, which could be corrected through a penis enlargement surgery.

Now let us see some of the penis enlargement surgeries that are in vogue today. One of the most popularly used surgical methods is to slice the corpus cavernosa of the penis, which is the spongy tissue that makes the main bulk of the penis. When the spongy tissue is sliced, it hangs down and hence gives the impression of a longer penis. Similar type of slicing can be done to increase the apparent girth of the penis. In such a surgery, the advantage is that there is no outward sign of a surgery, and there are no implants inside the penis. This is the most natural type of surgery. Also, men who have undergone slicing surgery claim that they feel no loss of sexual arousals.

Another penis enlargement surgery is the penis implants. As the name suggests, this method uses implants into the penis, along the corpus cavernosa lining. Naturally, this adds girth and length both to the penis. Today silicone is no longer used as the implanting material, due to its potential carcinogenic risks. Saline implants are preferred. In penises with implants, erection is achieved by means of a pump which has controls in the groin area. When an erection is wanted, the man is supposed to press the groin area.

There are many contentions against penile implants. First and foremost, it is a very artificial method of sexual functioning. The act of pressing a pump for getting erection makes sexual intercourse quite frustrating for both the partners, not to mention the embarrassment it causes to the male. Also, there is a loss of sexual touch, since the implants are artificial. However, penile implants are a boon to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Apart from the penis enlargement, they can get substantial erections also. The bulk of the customers going in for penile implants are diabetics and men suffering from other such impotence problems.

Penis injections are also very popular methods due to their simplicity and fast action. These injections are usually of silicone and are given directly into the corpus cavernosa. The bulk of the penis increases mostly in girth and not much in length. In fact, penile injections are so effective that there can be a nine-fold increase in the thickness of the penis. Hence, the dosage of the injections must be carefully thought of earlier.

Penis injections are very quick acting, and they bring about superlative increase in the size of the penis. Needless to say, this is the method adopted by male porn actors. But there are some drawbacks. Men who have taken penis injections claim that the sheer bulk of the penis makes penetrative sex difficult. Also, there is much loss of sensation due to the presence of an artificial element into the penis.

The use of silicone has come under fire here also. Nowadays, surgeons are using safer materials such as KY Jelly for penis injections. Though penis injections are very quick to show their results, their results do not last for a long time, so repeated injections might be necessary.

As a last word, there are many precautions to be taken during penis surgeries. It is not advisable to go for a very large increase in the size of the penis as it could make things quite difficult for the man. Also, the surgery must always be done through an experienced and qualified surgeon. If there is any mistake during the surgery, there could be scarring, hemorrhage and even permanent disfigurement of the penis.

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Vostran · 12 years ago
Extagen is just a wonderful drug. It really works and it really increases penile size. I have increased my penis on about an inch.

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Muldun · 13 years ago
Penis enlargement surgery is extreme measures. I'm not an all-outer and use Extagen. It gives some results so I'm satisfied in spite of the fact that I want faster results.

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