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  • Published June 22, 2010
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Hosted Exchange is a service many companies nowadays offer online. But, what is it? You may ask. It is simply a service that provides an email box and space to keep data on a server. With this service the provider also manages the data. Clients can use this space to access their emails, access their address lists and keep control of their task management lists.

What do you need? In order to provide or receive this service you must have an exchange server. The biggest provider of this service is Microsoft Exchange Server but there are many other providers. All of them work as part of the internet, the wider network we can all access, and as an intranet, which is an exclusive network restricted to a company or organization. This system is the tool behind Blackberry and iPhone, the two most popular remote email access systems.

Who should use a hosted exchange? The fact is that individuals or small businesses do not really need them. There are plenty of companies that provide email, a calendar and space to keep your personal data for free.

However if you have a larger company then it starts to make sense. This is because you might want all your employees or colleagues to be interconnected and be able to synchronize their calendars and to do lists. This can be very difficult to do when you have over 50 accounts. This service simplifies the whole process and allows you to collaborate as a workgroup.

This is a service many companies that have their own IT department invest in. It makes sense to manage your own network if you have a high number of users, already have an IT manager that has the knowhow and time to maintain it, and you have an interest in increasing the efficiency and speed your workforce can work together.

Finding the best deal in such a competitive market is more about finding the solution that fits best your needs than finding the best company. Companies tend to specialize in different areas, from small to large companies, or by providing a specific kind of software.

If you have an IT department it is a good idea to talk to your IT manager and make sure the Hosted Exchange you are planning to use fulfills all your basic requirements. Remember that time and information are the most valuable assets you have; this service will help you protect both.

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