Essence of Corporate Email Marketing – Getting Permanent Visitors to Your Site

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  • Published June 15, 2010
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One of the essences of the Corporate Email Marketing is getting permanent visitors to your site. With the enhancement of traffic to your site would be the sure shot way of search engine optimization, promotion of products and services on the web, and business promotion on site.

In fact many websites, despite being quite qualitative in nature contains multiple one time visitors. Even people who like the site may not have any reasons to come back or revisit it.

People look for updated contents and information and won’t like visiting sites that are not regularly updated. At the same time with thousands of websites floating on the web, it is an impossible task to find out by searching which of them are regularly updated. One of the best solution to the problems is email alert for the viewers who have either registered with the site or bulk mails floated in collaboration with leading sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, Face Book, or Twitter in order to get information across the potential visitors that they may expect new fun or information by visiting your site.

That basically constitutes the concept of corporate email marketing methods that is becoming very popular these days. At the same time it is necessary to keep the navigation and registration process as simple as possible for the visitors. More often than not just a short sentence with an email input box and submit button can help retain the interest of the visitors so that they find it convenient to log on and surf your site. At times the sites use the double opt in process which means after someone joins the site for surfing it an email is sent to his or her inbox and the user is required to click on it to confirm his joining your site. It ensures the membership is obtained by genuine customers and not fakes.

Another essential aspect of the corporate email marketing is effectively using the collaborative support of some active site having thousands of emails in its database. Such sites often have hundreds of thousands of email in their database and when your mail reaches them and even only a small percentage of them respond back, it could run into thousands, accomplishing the goal of traffic movement quite considerably.

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