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  • Published July 17, 2010
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Email Clients Switched Across: The two most widely used email applications are IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook. These email clients are often switched across owing to their varied feature set. Discontentment of users with using a single email platform is another reason for this switching across of email programs.

Notes to Outlook: Many Lotus Notes users seek to Export Lotus Notes to Outlook. There can be different reasons that might influence this decision of users to export Lotus Notes. There can be several "require to" and "wish to" reasons that act as the common grounds for this decision to convert Notes to Outlook. Some common "require to" and "wish to" reasons that can convince you to convert Lotus Notes to MS Outlook are as follows.

Common "Require to" Reasons to Export Lotus Notes:

You changed your job where new company uses MS Outlook unlike Lotus Notes as in the previous organization. You with then be "required to" export Notes to Outlook to have all your previous important Notes email records accessible in Outlook.

You have Lotus Notes in office but MS Outlook at home. So, you "require to" export Lotus Notes NSF items to access your official email information at home.

Common "Wish to" Reasons to Export Lotus Notes:

You come to know that Microsoft Outlook is easier to use compared to Lotus Notes and therefore, you "wish to" switch to Outlook. For this change, you convert Notes to Outlook so that your important email information does not perish and can be accessed in Outlook as well.

You come to know that Outlook costs a lot lesser in installation & maintenance as compared to Notes. Due to this attraction, you "wish to" export Lotus Notes to Outlook.

How to Export Notes to Outlook? Here is a step-by-step guideline to Export Notes to Outlook. This has been formulated after a detailed inspection of available conversion options and processes used widely for this conversion:

  1. First you can do a thorough online search for the available options to export Lotus Notes (third-party tools).

Useful Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Tool:

i. It must be easy-to-use

ii. It must be quick to perform the conversion

iii. It should not modify emails formatting, properties or any other information

iv. It must be a cost-effective solution to convert Lotus Notes to MS Outlook

  1. Try products demos. Most companies provide free demo versions of their tools. (Like SysTools Export Notes software is available in its free demo version).

  2. Settle on a tool you find best. After checking the products with the help of their demo versions, you can choose the one you find best. Purchase it to export Notes to Outlook.

  3. Run the software on your system and by following the successive screen instruction, perform the conversion steps to export Notes to Outlook.

SysTools had deeply penetrated in the online marketplace with its varied tools for data recovery, email conversion and many other such aspects. Satisfied users of these products are in every corner of the world and this tally is constantly increasing. A great offering of the company is SysTools Export Notes tool, which can be used to export Notes to Outlook.

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