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  • Published August 3, 2010
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Those that are in the auction business might be using local printers for their auction supplies, but it is helpful to know there is a source where you can find the custom printed auction forms you need, such as the 1 part bid cards. These cards feature a yellow background for the bidder number and have the terms of sale printed on the form. The price is the most impressive part because they are much cheaper than you will find at your local printers.

Other auction supplies, such as clerking ticket sheets, come in 3 part carbonless forms with 12 tickets on a sheet, giving you 1200 tickets total in the 100 sheet packages. Not only are they much cheaper than you can have them printed from the local printers, but they are specifically designed for those in the auction industry, with a part for the auctioneer, seller and a stub receipt copy for the buyer. As part of the convenient auctioneer package, the 100 bid cards and 100 clerking sheets come in an attractive package at a more affordable price.

Those that are in the auction business can get their auction supplies in a single shopping resource designed specifically for the auction industry. Whether it is signs or banners, business cards or bid cards, it is possible to get the specialized printing, including clerking tickets. Most auctioneers that are in search of the best pricing might be forced to have forms printed, which can be quite costly. With the use of the auction business resource, you can get all of the supplies that are the most popular in the auction industry, to make you more productive and better organized during the auction.

Brochures, catalogs and flyers are another part of the auction supplies that many auctioneers will be looking for. The pricing is so attractive, when compared to the setup, layout and design charges that a regular printer will charge, that you might find you can get substantially more for your money. Those that are in the auction business can get their message out and the specialized forms are tailored to the most specific parts of the auction.

There might be some auctioneers that don't realize the convenience and affordability of auction supplies that are part of the auction forms already printed for the industry and that are much more affordable than traditional printing shops. Auctioneers are able to save substantially when they purchase their auction supplies from a supplier that specifically caters to the auction industry. The price difference is pretty dramatic and it is easy to order your auction them through the Internet, for ease and convenience.

There is no need to be left to improvising or be at the mercy of printing delays when you can find the auction forms that are part of the auction supplies most successful auctioneers incorporate into their auction business.

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