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  • Published August 11, 2010
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To "Post free classifieds" is a form of advertising that is steadily gaining popularity among Internet users. The obvious reason is that it is free, unlike traditional classifieds advertising. But there is more to it. As a result of the vast amount of people who browse the Internet, free classified ads placed online have a greater reach than those placed in printed media. Online advertisement will give you a vital head start.

Many small companies which do not have the capital to place ads in conventional media can opt for free ads online. Since posting an ad is free, even startup businesses with cash constraints, can post free classified ads to promote the products or services they provide. "Ads For Free" can also be used by freelancers that want to get the word out about their services to potential customers.

Almost all the free classified websites have self regulation policies and the ads placed have a free form structure, i.e. you are free to write, edit and publish the content of your free classified ad. It can have a detailed description of your product or just the name of the item you are trying to sell and a phone number.

Also, on websites like Craiglist, you can post free classifieds anonymously. Your e-mail address is not visible publicly and instead all the responses to your ad are relayed to the actual e-mail address. Apart from that, if you wish not to receive any e-mails, then you choose other contact options too.

However, as liberal as these free classified websites may appear, they have strict codes of conduct and take any form of violation seriously.

The Following Is Short List Of Items, For Which You Are Not Allowed To Post Free Classifieds:

  • Obscene material or child pornography.

  • Offer or solicitation of illegal prostitution.

  • Weapons and firearms.

  • Illegal drugs or controlled substances and items.

  • Tobacco or alcohol products.

  • Blood, body parts or BODY fluids.

  • Breeding and sale of animals as pets

  • Restricted or regulated plants and insects, live insects or pests, or endangered plant species.

  • Hazardous or pesticides substances.

These websites also take actions against prank postings or any other forms of harassment and any such activity results in the ad-post being removed. Also any forms of false advertising or cheating or posting free classified ads which hide dubious transactions beneath are dealt with normal legal procedures. Last but not least, posting the same ad in different places is considered spamming and is prohibited.

You can go to a free classified website and fill out a registration form and soon be on your way to post free classified ads. It's that easy. And you can always edit, repost or delete your ads whenever you want.

At you can post free classifieds and can search online for local classifieds for cars and vehicles, housing, jobs, pets, services and much more.

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