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  • Published September 21, 2010
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Internet fax to email is a service that enables users to send and receive faxes using emails. Some people call it email fax or electronic fax.

They all basically describe how the faxes are sent or received by the users.

Internet fax to email is a relatively new technology riding on the internet, and it virtually pushed traditional fax machines into the junk museum.

The thing about faxing online is that it can do everything a fax machine can, but a fax machine cannot do everything which online faxing is capable of. For instance, a fax machine can only handle one fax (either incoming or outgoing) at a time, but internet faxing can handle multiple clients at any one time in what is known as fax broadcasting.

In any kind of business, big or small, faxing is very much a part of the organization. It is in fact a critical tool to the organization but interesting its presence will only be felt when the machine breaks down. But when one uses internet fax to email services, such problems won’t arise because there is no expensive fax machine in the picture in the first place.

Everything is done online, and often there is no need to install proprietary software to use these services.

In terms of costs, fax machine is a real headache especially to those doing freelance work or running a small business. They have to worry about buying a fax machine which is costly, the machine breaking down one day and the telephone charges. If one faxes only within the city limits, then the phone charges won’t be high, but if the clientele is regional or international, than the costs can add up very quickly.

Internet fax email accounts, on the other hand, do not only offer lots of flexibility but are relatively cheap. Depending on the package one picks, monthly fees could be as low as $2 per month when paid annually. In addition to that, documents can be faxed (read emailed) or received with ease when one is on the road.

When one weighs the pros and cons of internet fax email and fax machines, the former will win hands down.

Brad McCarthy is a geologist but is also a prolific writer. He writes mostly on family issues, IT and pets. His latest effort are send and receive fax online and send and receive faxes online for free.

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