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  • Author Joe Fuller
  • Published October 17, 2010
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Do you want to make sure your subscribers open your emails? Here are 5 suggestions to put into action.

1 Make sure they know it's from you. Your subscribers don't just want to hear from anyone. They gave their email to hear regularly from you. You're the lynchpin in this, not just the fact it's an ezine. They can get those penny a dozen. So, either ensure the "From" field has your name, or something else that will make it obvious it's from you. Also, put something in the subject line itself, such as the name of the ezine.

2 It's got to be helpful. Your subject line has to engage them by showing they're missing something useful to them if they don't open it. You can tweak it to make them curious too. But it has to look 100% relevant to them and something that will help them in achieving their goals.

3 If it really needs looking at now, tell them so. People don't mind feeling pushed to open an email as long as it really does need immediate attention. For example, there's an offer for them which is time-limited. However, if you keep doing this, they'll switch off. So, only do it when necessary.

4 Avoid it looking like spam like it's the plague. Especially for those who have just signed up, you don't want to look like a spammer. Check with your autoresponder service spam tool or indicators that the email is OK. If it isn't, then change it. In any case, if it ends up in subscribers' spam boxes, it might never get opened.

5 Keep the line short. Where possible, only write what you need to in the subject line. When thinking about it, put pressure on it so you get your topic in so it's inviting, and as quickly read, as possible. Try putting in the biggest benefit your contents will give them.

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