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  • Published November 13, 2010
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When you are a beginner in the online business field, you may understand the need for email marketing in attracting customers, traffic and in turn profits to your company. However, getting ideas for what to include in your email messages can be taxing especially if your company is new. With the following ideas you can start a campaign successfully and enjoy the benefits of them.

Information about New Products or Ventures

The most common content for email promotions is the arrival of new products in your collection. Information about the latest arrivals, innovative products and their benefits to clients are a great way to start in your campaign messages. It will keep your customers updated but it also encourages you to keep working to expand your business.

Customer Testimonials Make Good Content

Another alternative is to include testimonials from people who have used your product or website. These add variety for your readers to enjoy instead of the usual product promotions. When you send out testimonials as newsletters, your readers are positive that your business is reliable and in turn they develop the loyalty that you need to keep your business going. Email software will help you keep track of the customer responses that you will include in your emails.

Articles and Resources Concerning Your Business

You can also have an email newsletter containing an overview of recent articles or blog posts on your website and their links as well. This gives your readers the chance to select the articles they are most interested in without having to search your own website for them. It is also a great way of attracting a wider range of customers because each will have a preferred category or topics they enjoy to read about. Ensure that the articles you provide have information that is beneficial to your readers.

Partner Website Collaborations

As your business expands, you may set up websites that are related to your main one, or find other established sites to work with you. Either way, you should inform your subscribers that they can find more information from these affiliated sites for their own good.

All these are great ideas to include when planning your email campaign, so you will not run out of information to send to your clients.

Lucy James is currently working as an email marketing consultant in a leading IT firm. Her responsibilities include reviewing the weekly email newsletter which is sent through their email software.

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