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  • Published November 21, 2010
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With the technological advancements, life today has completely become machine-oriented. From the toughest to the easiest, all the activities are performed using one or the other mechanical devices. Among all other machines that have been invented, computer is the most prominent. When it initially came into existence, very few people knew how to operate it. Thus, its usage was limited to the official or professional sectors. But gradually, it grabbed the attention of several people because of the numerous beneficial features that it exhibited. E-mailing is one such significant service that has evolved as a result of internet facilities. SMTP servers or the server SMTP has a vital role to play in the entire process of sending and receiving mails through emailing.

E-mails are the advanced forms of letters that were previously written to convey the messages to the people living far away from you. SMTP servers are, basically, computers that receive the message that is sent by a sender and prepare it to be delivered to the recipient, whose address has been specified. The email services are mostly preferred by the people because unlike letters, they are immediately delivered to the recipient in a blink of an eye. The server SMTP needs to be installed or set-up necessarily within you computer system if you want to be assured that the message that you send reaches its appropriate destination.

Not only for personal needs, but the process of email and chat are also required in an official edifice. You must have heard about the bulk email concepts. These are the mails that are sent by a particular company to its targeted customers to make them aware of the multiple products being launched by it. This is considered to be one of the most efficient marketing strategies for promoting the goods and products of a company. If you do not have SMTP servers installed on your computer systems, you can never ensure whether these bulk messages are reaching its proper recipient. This might lead to failure of the implementation of this strategy. Thus, it can easily be stated here that the server SMTP is essential to be installed for successfully implementing the marketing plans for the growth and enhancement of a company and its business.

The entire process of sending and receiving mails is conducted with the help of SMTP servers. Undoubtedly, there are certain commands that it easily understands and works accordingly. Some of the important commands have been mentioned below:

HELO – This clause of the server SMTP enables the servers of both the senders as well as the receivers to introduce themselves to each other before beginning the process.

MAIL FROM – This is the command of the SMTP servers where the mail sender is required to be introduced. This specification needs to be made only once per mail.

RCPT TO – This server SMTP clause specifies the address of the recipient to whom the mail is to be delivered. Multiple recipients can be specified.

DATA – This SMTP servers command specifies the body of the message that is sent by the MAIL FROM to be received by the RCPT TO.

QUIT – As the name itself conveys, this server SMTP clause ends the entire session of sending and receiving e-mails.

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