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  • Published December 18, 2010
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Many small children above 2 years of age may enjoy Dance Star Mickey, in their home. This well-known mouse dances for you and comes with interactive games as well. Here are a number of the features of this toy.

You may be surprised at some of his dance moves. He is able to speak, walk, and dance to six different songs. There are many more things he is able to do. Here are just a few.

  1. He performs an entirely unique dance routine with each one of the six songs.

  2. He does difficult dance moves including Latino, Disco, Techno.

  3. He talks to you, and in one sequence, he'll even ask you for assistance after he has fallen down.

  4. He operates on 6 AA batteries. It could be best to obtain the rechargeable kind, as this will provide for longer periods of entertainment.

  5. Among the dance moves he is able to do is moonwalk. Impressive!

  6. With just a simple press on his foot, an inanimate toy becomes alive and entertains all people in the room.

  7. He encourages your children to get up and dance with him. This is a very good way to exercise as well as occupy young minds on cold or rainy days.

  8. He has several jokes to tell, including funny expressions which he can do, that will undoubtedly entertain everybody.

Dance Star Mickey is getting increasingly more popular as a present for this holiday season. In case you intend to purchase this toy as a Christmas present, you need to act fast, as this sort of a hot item might sell out quickly. Should you wish to avoid very long lines and hassles, buying it on the net could be a very good decision. You can just stay home and he'll be delivered to your door or mailbox.


Dance Star Mickey can be a quite preferred gift selection for youngsters over the age of two. He dances, talks, and walks, to entertain your young children. You'll see 6 different songs and dance routines and he also moonwalks. This item might sell out quick at many places, and it is recommended to make your purchases early. If you wish to steer clear of long lines, over the internet shopping could be the perfect choice.

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